I have been so stressed out lately that I have been reduced to using terms like idiot-f*#k (have you noticed how the incidence of bad driving directly correlates to the proximity to Christmas?) and grunting like a mad ape.  I have been on a wild ride this week, totally exerting myself on the treadmill every morning, then allowing the stress to overwhelm me during the day and eating Christmas goodies brought in by the multitude of vendors.  Then, I go home at night and look at my figure in the mirror and think, wow!  I can actually see a feminine figure emerging; I need to keep going, I am getting closer to my goal.  Then, the stress greets me at work the next day, and there are always nasty little chocolate-covered-dream-smashers waiting there to sink into the pit of my stress.  They taste really good slipping down my throat.  And they lead to cravings.  Eye roll, hard core.
So, I have been about 75% on plan this week, and have done some pretty intense cardio sessions.  I only did one weight session, and have still been struggling with resolve where that's concerned.  Part of the problem is that if I do my weight work when I want to, I wake up my husband.  But if I wait until he's awake, I have to rush it in and can only get 2 sets.  I am accomodating to a fault, so I usually just end up doing cardio instead.  It's just me, the treadmill and a huge theatre-size TV to work out the details at 5am.  And I like it.  I realize it isn't doing much for me, physique-wise, but it makes me feel good to start my day.  And when I run on an incline, it does make my lower body sore for a couple days, in a good way.
So that is where I'm at this week.  Think I can make my way through the rest of Friday OK.  The weekend will indeed include more indulgences, then back to business on Monday.  I will find out on Monday, if one of my biggest stresses will be relieved anytime soon, that will be a huge help!  With the holiday approaching, I want to make it out with minimal weight gain, I would be happy with just maintaining.  I can tell the inches are coming off, as my clothes are so loose right now, and my body shape has changed a lot this month.  It seems a bit magical to me, to be noticing my physique changing this late in the game, but it gives me hope for what comes next! 
Hope you all rocked your week and have a fantastic weekend in store!


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