Anti-Bliss and Salty Fries

Ever try McDonald's fries dipped in a carmel sundae?  Oh yeah, that's where I'm at today.  That whole business about trying to stay on track with my diet while taking a break from working out?  No go.  For some reason I feel like I need TLC, mentally and physically.  Hot baths are not cutting it anymore.  Can't say as though the sugar consumption is doing it either, physically, but it sure feels good mentally to indulge. 
Once I knew I wasn't going to succeed at my Maintain, Don't Gain contest at work, I sort of threw my hands up in the air, figuratively, and decided this week was going to be a break.  Sometimes I just get sick of having to always be concerned with every morsel that goes into my mouth, and that is when I take a break.  Interesting enough, it is usally when I give myself permission to eat whatever I want, I tend to not go off the rails as much as one would expect.  It is a mental game.
What I normally handle with grace, I find nearly too irritating to bear today.  People asking if their glasses need to be adjusted.  Umm, you tell me.  Do they feel bad, do they slip down, are they crooked?  Why are you in my space?  People freaking out because their new pair doesn't feel exactly the same as their old ones.  Do new shoes feel the same the first time you put them on?  Then there are my favorite (!), the calls wondering if their glasses are ready.  We call to let you know when they are ready.  Seems like an easy concept; if you didn't get a call, they're not ready.  And no, I can not, by way of Magic 8 ball or other magical resources, determine when the lab will have them ready for me.  Rest assured, there will be a call when they are indeed ready.  Teeth gritted.
Blah!  Hate feeling so irritable.  Probably hormonal.  That is why the salty fries with carmel sundae hit just the right spot.  Only 3 hours and 15 minutes left to endure of my anti-bliss.  Will try to be in a better mood tomorrow. 
Hope your Tuesday was less annoying than mine!


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