Winter Can Suck It!

Joe-Bob fell true da ice while tryin' to ketch him a feesh.  Good job Joe-Bob!  Newsflash, in case you live in under a rock, it hasn't been cold enough to freeze the water in dem der ponds.   Still, idiots abound.  People just do not learn.   In this part of the country, we can usually start expecting snow around the third week of November, and almost almost get a blizzard by the second week of December, thereby certifying a "white Christmas" that everyone is apparently so fond of.  After two snowless months of listening to the skiers and miscellaneous other snow lovers whine, we finally got our first measurable snow last night.  It snowed for 24 hours straight, and blew all over the place.  It didn't add up to much, maybe 4 inches, which is just enough for people to finally be taught that even with their fancy vehicles and 4-wheel drive, slippery is slippery, and Wisconsin roads will not be outdone by any vehicle.  Although, I think for my next vehicle, if I stay in Wisconsin much longer, I shall look into purchasing one of those government snow plows.  They seem to stay on the road OK, and everyone gets out of their way.  Just a thought. 
My vehicle, complete with front wheel drive and nearly-bald tires (sigh.  Still haven't been able to afford new ones) was sliding all over the place and raising my blood pressure to new heights.  Thankfully I live less than 10 miles from my work, but the reminder of just how much I hate snow came flooding back to me yesterday.  Yes, it is pretty to see.  To be brutally honest, I actually like snow a little bit, when I'm not driving in it.  But then there is the inevitible driving, slipping and idiot drivers to contend with.  I may have grown up around here, but I am certainly no longer cut out to live in a snowy place!
Sigh.  I made it to work safely this morning, but I have a gigantic hill no matter which direction I come, and I nearly didn't make it up the hill this morning.  Someone pulled out right in front of me, forcing me to slow and then I lost my momentum and slipped and slid and spun my tires until I got there.  If there is one thing I am, it's tenacious. 
I guess that's why I haven't let my recent week of poor eating and little exercise bother me too much.  I had an off week.  I only did cardio the past 3 days, but let my diet relax the entire week.  I realize the cardio was doing nothing for me physique-wise, but it was some sort of sanity in the midst of the chaos.  Turns out, my body's "issue" was the impending natural disaster that happens to me every month, this time the week leading up to it was just way way worse for me than usual, and complicated by trying to stave off 3 different flu bugs I have been exposed to, and a headcold that is sitting heavy in my ears and throat. 
I think the worst of it is over, and I can get back to normal within the next couple days.  Tonight I will stay in my cozy apartment, eat pizza with my boys, and watch Ghost Hunters with the lights out, while the wind whips the snow into a tizzy outside.  I plan on enjoying my weekend and doing as little driving as possible before the next big storm moves through on Monday.  I might sneak in a run this weekend too, now that my body seems to be getting back to it's normal state.  It really does help relieve stress!
Only 4 months until my 5K.  Sounds like a lot of time for such a small distance, but I have a lot of work to do if I want to increase my pace.  The next couple of months should be interesting!
If you have lasted through my completely worthless babble, have an enjoyable day and a great weekend!


  1. Snow: It Should Go Elsewhere.

    Nice post. Funny gal, ain't ya? :-)

    Greetings from Minneapolis,


  2. I agree, the snow is ruining an otherwise nice country. Thanks for the compliment, most of my readers are here to be inspired by my amazing feats of so-so commitment in weight loss and don't appreciate my sense of humor as much as someone of your talent! And, I shouldn't be whining about snow, Minneapolis has it way worse than Green Bay. Hope that jalopy gets you through it!
    Thanks for the visit and the comment. I love your blog!


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