Weren't you Pregnant?

This morning, the first thing I saw when I fired up the TV was an infomercial.  I will admit, I tend to get sucked in while I wait for them to disgust me and tell me how much they charge for it.  I know it can cut through an aluminum can and still slice a tomato, but how much is it?  But today, the infomercial showed transformed fatties with their beautiful new bodies, complete with 90 days claims.  But before I could roll my eyes, I saw it was Tracy Anderson, personal trainer extrodinaire whose program they were selling.  I got sucked in.  Gasp!  She has trained Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow!  I want to look like them.  And all at once, before I knew it, I was reinspired.  And for the low, low price of $100 I can order the 4 CD set and transform my life.  Now, I am usually pretty skeptical of any infomercial, particularily those that pedal hair in a can, but this one makes sense.  She is a personal trainer, and she knows how to work accessory muscles, not just do the same old squats and lunges that bore me to tears.  It's like having a personal trainer in my living room.  Not a silly dance class, but someone showing me new ways to work my muscles.  And the before and after photos are pretty inspirational.  Lets just say, I'm considering using some of my birthday money to invest in the set.  Anyone try it yet?  Don't be shy, you can chime in.
For the second time in a month, someone mistook me for being pregnant at work today.  And, if you have ever been on the receiving end of such a slip-up, it is as uncomfortable for you as the one who made the mistake.  Here's a thought, if you aren't sure someone is with child, don't bring it up.  Actually, I should be happy it happened, in both instances it was because I was wearing an extremely baggy shirt.  My work shirts were ordered by catalog, with no samples to try for fit, so I ordered them a bit big, in case the sizes ran small.  They are quite a bit too big, but I kept them, hoping they would shrink.  So now, aparently, they are so baggy on me that people are mistaking me for having a bun in the oven.  When this mistake first happened a few weeks ago, I started wearing more fitted sweaters, so today's comment went more like, "Weren't you pregnant the last time I was in here?"  When I answered no, he said, "huh, must've been someone else."  Funny enough, he addressed me by name when he walked in.  Wink.  So, I get it.  I need to not wear those baggy work shirts anymore.  They are just soooo comfy.  God knows how many more people mistook me for pg but didn't say anything!
This week I have been doing my cardio like I should, but the eating is still not 100% commited.  I have been buying a lot of junk food for my kids, trying to live vicariously through them, and then, indulging in the end, justifying until my monthly lovely makes it's appearance.  But today, after being reinspired, I thought of how much rubbish that is.  What I am really doing is giving myself the green light to be lazy about nutrition, and giving myself an excuse.  Yes, we women have challenges, and I believe at times it is best to just have a little indulgence to get it out of your system, but the cravings aren't there every day.  But I eat like they are.   And it isn't like I am ruining my day with McDonald's or something, it is more like, on-plan all day, then half a bag of popcorn at night.  Dumb, mindless eating.  And the funny thing about it, when I am eating off-plan, and someone else has fresh veggies in the fridge, I salivate at the sight of those veggies.  I am letting emotions run me, instead of listening to my body.
On Monday, after a full week of mutilated diet and indulgent weekend, I was 164.  Scarey to see those numbers on the scale again.  Then after a squeaky clean Monday, including gallons of water consumption, back down to 160.  So it seems my diet secret is to binge on salt and carbs, then lose 4 pounds of water weight in a day.  Yikes! 
I think I will be a little more committed now that my motivation has been perked up a bit.  Summer will be here before I know it, I don't want to have to hide a hideous body or resort to wearing baggy clothes that make me look pregnant!  I am going to do a weight workout tomorrow, because I can, and because it has been the better part of a month since I have.  And because on Sunday when my car died and I had to try and steer it without power steering (while trying to move it out of the way) I felt like I was going to die from the exertion and my muscles are still sore.  Sheesh!
Hope you are all having a great week, and are not getting mistaken for being "with child". 

This weekend will be a run.  Not sure how far or how fast, but I will run. 


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