No Time for Hibernation

The gift this morning presented, was temperatures warm enough to not make my nostrils stick together as I crunched across the icy, snow-dusted lot to the cardio room.  Today was low intensity cardio, and even that felt like a challenge, as my body feels like it needs a rest.  Might be a sign to schedule an appointment to use that spa certificate sooner than later, though I was considering saving it for after my 5K. 
This morning as I checked myself out in the mirror, I suddenly realized that, despite the lack of snow, winter is in full swing, and there are really only about 2 1/2 snowy months left.  That, for me, is bittersweet.  I loathe snow and will be happy to be rid of it, but I am still not tank-top ready.  Then I delved more into it and realized that this recent focus on running has been positive in general, but has also become a convenient excuse to not do weight training.  I always feel too sore to do a lower body session, and by the time my legs feel healed, I run again, so as not to lose momentum on the training for the 5K.  Convenient.  The funny thing is, I used to really enjoy lifting weights.  I like feeling strong.  It is so much more of a hassel to weight train than it is to do cardio right now, as I cannot do it without waking up my husband, who is already quite sleep-deprived.  And if I wait until he is awake, I have a half hour or less to get my session in, in order to get myself and my kids out the door in time.  It is a challenge, but not impossible.  I need to make more of an effort to get the weight training in.  It has been a while since I have had any great progress on the scale and the measuring tape, and I'm sure this is a huge component.
So, I think I need to set another goal that has nothing to do with the 5K, so I don't allow myself to continue to be lax in other areas.  It may involve the purchase of a new piece of clothing I can work toward sporting this summer.  I will mull over the details and blog about it when I come up with a good goal/motivation.  Is it a bit insane that I am excited, even though I haven't designed a plan yet?
So, this week is halfway through, I am going to try to get a good weight session in either tonight or tomorrow morning.  No more slacking.  I am finding more and more that I need to buckle down and push myself harder if I am ever going to get off this dreaded plateau!  Time to make progress.
Hope your week is going smoothly.  Happy Wednesday!


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