Funky Bunch, Indeed

"Can you fell it baby?  I can too. "
Many may judge or tease, but I like Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the (bleepin') Funky Bunch.  Way way back in the day when that song was popular (and yes, it was indeed popular once upon a time) my friends and I would go clubbing all the time.  We were quite popular at the time.  One particular night, one of the clubs we were at interrupted the usual sweat-infused energyfest with a dance contest.  Guess what the song they selected for each contestant to dance to?  Yep, Funky Bunch in the club.  And some of my friends displayed amazing bravery and got up and danced to a song that is not that easy to dance to.  That song brings me back to that place and the laughter and reckless freedom I enjoyed way back when.  And though I feel only slightly dorky when I think of that song, it always makes me smile.
Yesterday was about as perfect a day I could hope for.  If you couldn't tell from my abbreviated post, I was feeling really really happy.  The dancing in the morning started off my good mood.  I almost went back to bed when my alarm went off, because my foot felt like it needed to crack, and was definitely not comfortable enough to walk for cardio.  Luckily, I was awake enough to come up with plan B, and as usual, it sent my mood skyward.  One of my most effective tricks for motivation and focus has been to look at my body in the mirror more.  Wear less, look more, to really see where I am and where I want to be.  In winter, I was too cold to dress in a way that allowed me to see my progress and trouble spots, it really works.  I was actually quite pleased with what I saw yesterday, the water weight being washed out made my muscles look more defined and my stomach look flatter than a few days ago when I was so bloated I looked pregnant. 
Work was slow and smooth, just the way I like it, and when my boss came in a few hours later and realized that we didn't have a doctor on staff for the day, she agreed to let me leave at noon.  Yesterday was 81 degrees, sunny with a thick breeze; it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I stopped home for a quick lunch, then hit the thrift store.  It was so nice to have so much time to really look at everything and try on as much as I wanted.  Usually, my kids are with me, and they have no patience, so I have to scan through so quickly that I feel I am missing all the good stuff.  I found some great stuff yesterday, and I even had the "thrifting moment"; that moment when you realize that you have found a true gem for an amazing price.  I even bought two sleeveless shirts as a commitment to my plan to continue improving myself.  And you know what?  When I was trying them on, although not completely thrilled with my arms, they didn't look that bad.  That is a huge triumph for me, one that means I can wear tank tops in the summer, sometimes.  Joy ensued in the fitting room.  It's been too long since I could say that.
I spent so much time shopping that by the time I was done, it was time to eat again, but I was on the go, so I had to make it work the best I could.  I didn't have a Subway anywhere near enough to warrant backtracking and driving all over, especially not at these gas prices.  So I ended up at McDonalds.  And I ordered a Southwest Chicken Salad with grilled chicken.  I didn't eat the dressing or the tortilla strips they add to it.  I was pretty disappointed in the salad altogether.  It was swimming in some sort of semi-sweet dressing, and even the chicken had some sort of marinade or sauce on it.  The veggies included corn and carrots, two of the highest sugar content veggies available.  But, considering that my huger was telling me to indulge in other things, I think it was a solid choice and it made me feel really good that I made the healthiest choice available at that moment.  I immediately told myself that I was going to monitor my body's reaction to the sugars to see how I handled it, and no matter what, I was going to stick tightly to my normal diet for every meal that followed.  After eating, I had enough time to go for a walk along the bay, and I was having inner-dialogue about whether or not to wear one of my sleeveless shirts so I could get a little sun on my pastey-white skin.  Finally, I just did it.  I figured that if someone didn't like the look of my arms, they could just go look at something else.  And it actually made me feel great to feel the breeze and sun on my arms, and I revelled in every single moment that I was walking around with a spectacular view on a perfect day, smiling like nobody's business.  And even though I wasn't walking forever, it cleared my mind and relaxed me so completely.  I started thinking about all the ways Green Bay is so charming and comforting, and that even though I detest driving in snow, I will miss all of those charms when I move away.  And then, I let all of my fears about moving go, and I realized that living in Florida would mean enjoying beautiful weather like that every day.  I said quietly to myself, I'm OK with Florida.  And I closed my eyes and let the sun and breeze kiss my face.  I'm OK with everything
When it came time to leave and head off to class, a song started playing in my head and I almost sang along.  Can you feel it baby?  I can too.
Had an awesome strength session and some early-morning cardio this morning, think it's going to be another awesome day!
Happy Thursday Friends!


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