Hips Don't Lie

Despite not having an optometrist on staff yesterday, I sold a boatload of glasses, and came home moderately exhausted from the sensory stimulation.  I plopped down on the couch, soothed by the peace that blanketed my house with the kids away, and when my husband left to do some errands, I allowed myself to lay back and relax, truly soak up the silence for once.  As I felt myself relaxing to a drowsy state, something inside me said, you're doing so good right now, don't waste this opportunity to further your goals!  So I got up and danced.  As usual, it made me feel so high.  Dancing has just always come natural for me, I have always loved it, and despite my weight, it's something I can do for prolonged periods.  I have even been told I am good at it, but when I'm feeling the music I really don't care if I'm good or not because it's not about how I look, it's about how it makes me feel.  It could be considered selfish in that manner, but that's what working out is all about, right?  I've never been into the whole partner-workout things, though I wouldn't turn my husband down if there was an hour in the day that he would be my personal trainer.  Unfortunately, that doesn't fit into our schedule.  But doing it on my own, and being successful, is very empowering. 
So I danced for an hour and was still dancing about as I cooked my dinner and began picking up the house.  Many times last night I was aware of how good I feel, and how I would have missed out on that high if I had allowed myself to fall asleep.  Relaxing and resting can make me feel good, satisfied even, but I don't recall it ever giving me a high.  And it gave me so much positive energy that I got about twice as much housework done as I had intended.  It was a good that just kept building upon itself.  Even when my husband brought his stress home (not an unusual event lately) I was able to just let it roll right off. 
This morning I was expecting to face the usual Friday celebratory-food battle, but then while I was cooking my breakfast, I put my hands on my hips and noticed a little less of a 'ledge' there.  I immediately ran to the mirror and started peeling off clothes to see if it was true.  The results were visible, and I began to sing "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira.  Then, when my breakfast was done, I still had 20 minutes to spare before I had to get ready for work, so I had an impromptu dance session before I ate.  I couldn't feel better right now.  I am where I need to be, and it is so rewarding to be back on track.  I have that feeling back, that nothing can stop me right now.  How priceless! 
Planning to have a great salad from Subway for lunch, as a special Friday treat.  Even though it is totally clean and on-plan, it feels special because it isn't my usual extra lean turkey burger reheated.
I am hoping to get a run in this weekend, since I haven't been running in quite some time.  Only 7 weeks left to get ready for this 5K, I gotta get on my horse, so to speak.
The weekend is finally here, I hope you all have a great one!


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