Every year one of our local optical labs sponsors a huge trade show/ convention  in my city, and people from all over the country come to see what's new for the coming year, attend classes and socialize.  I decided to go this year to get a few continuing education credits and see some new frames from my friendly vendors.  I always bump into people I've worked with in the past, sometimes from ten or more years past, and it's fun catching up.  Yesterday the stars aligned and I felt that I looked really good, I even wore heels, which I rarely ever do, but I found a pair that I can walk like a normal human being in, and they make me feel taller and thinner.  I did bump into a bunch of people I worked with in the past, and it was such a warm feeling.  I heard over and over how good I look, how much weight I've lost and how awesome my glasses are.  I literally had people stopping me to ask me what frames I am an optical convention, where everyone has cool glasses on.  (They are Jee Vice, by the way, very luxurious hand-made and completely fabulous!) My ego was thoroughly stroked several times over.
Then came Aaron.  He was the lab technician (the one who cuts the lenses to fit the frames) at the last place I worked, and he was a magician when it came to fixing problems.  We had worked for sister companies before we worked together, so there was an immediate bond between us.  To an outsider, he looks very intimidating, often with a scowl, and when I first started working with him, I was quite meek about interrupting him or asking for anything because lab technicians are known for having a wicked temper.  But soon after I got to know him, he was my 'yes man'.  Anything I needed, Aaron would step up to the plate for me.  A job that everyone else passed off as impossible, Aaron knew how to reconfigure and understood the physics behind the lens to make it work.  If I needed something to be soldered, everyone else would grumble under their breath, but Aaron's answer was always, "No problem, Amy."  He was like a brother, and we shared a similar sense of humor and taste in music, so there were plenty of times as I would pass through the lab and one of us would crack a joke, leaving me having to try and collect myself before I returned to the sales floor.
On the last day we worked together, he left before me, and came to say goodbye and gave me a hug.  It was the only goodbye I cried about, even though I was close with all my coworkers, there was something special in him, and I knew I would miss his helpfulness and humor, the quiet bond we had.
Yesterday was the first time I have seen him since September,2010 and it was such a good feeling.  We greeted each other with a hug, talked for a bit, got caught up on each others' lives and then I caught him looking me up and down and he told me how great I look.  I felt that moment that was always sort of lingering there, a slight unspoken two-way attraction, the kind of thing that feeds the ego of ignored married people, and can be quite dangerous if acted upon.  So when he asked me to walk up to the concourse where the classes were being held, I politely excused myself and took another minute to look through the vendors' booths, wherein I bumped into a past female manager I worked for briefly when I moved back to Wisconsin.  It was a bit of a relief to see her, as it took my mind off what it shouldn't be on.
I went through three hours of classes, ate the hugest, thickest, greasiest cookie I've ever seen and a soft pretzel with cheese sauce and then skipped out of my last hour of classes ( I have more than enough credits, and was just taking classes for the fun of it) to visit the vendor booths.  I love my vendors, they are really great at remembering small details about me, and a lot of them greeted me warmly with a hug or a firm handshake.  It was fun seeing everyone out of the usual office atmosphere.  I got a free frame that totally rocks, and I can't wait to get my lenses in it!  I also fell in love with some frames from vendors I don't currently have, so I am going to work on getting them into my store.
I noticed one thing very valuable to me yesterday.  Feeling attractive is very powerful, and the confidence that you have when you do feel attractive makes you more attractive.  I felt like a lot of men were taking note of me yesterday, but maybe it was my confidence allowing my gaze to linger longer than it normally would.  It affected me a little, more so in the fact that as good as I looked and felt, my husband didn't seem to notice it.  All was good in the end, but I think problems in the marriage start so easily in this manner, one person completely unaware that the other is needing something they aren't getting from their spouse, but there are others to provide it if the opportunity is right.  I have never been a fall-back kind of person, I don't like feeling like I have a back-up waiting in case my marriage doesn't work out, but I can see how that could be a trap that is easy to fall into.  In the end, it all comes down to communication.  And men, if you are reading and wondering, the single easiest and most romantic thing you can give your girl is really quite effortless to provide: your attention.
At any rate, my fantastic day yesterday got me in the mood to finally conquer a run this morning, as I have been promising myself I would for the past month of Sundays and have slacked heavily.  It felt so good during and after, and it really started my Sunday off right.  My head is clear and I am focused on starting the week with my sweet children back home, and my health and fitness goals in firm sight.  I am starting to look better and feel great.  I can't wait to see what happens next.
Sorry for the self-indulgent post, it was supposed to be a really uplifting post about my run, but my brain interfered!
Hope your start to the week is smooth and painless!


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