Fat Funk Fading

As I scan through my favorite blogs, it seems last week's trend of being in a "fat funk" is shifting for a lot of folks, and I can see hope returning, and the number on other people's scales going down.  That is a huge inspiration for me, and I hope to be joining the masses soon.
Hormones contiue to be a huge factor for me, and I need to make it a priority if I'm ever going to have sustainable success.  But for now, I am on the upswing, and feeling really good.  I am quite certain it will be a good week, ending with an out of town trip to visit my bestie on Friday, which is always good for my spirits.
I have been allowing many many excuses to come in the way of me getting proper nutrition and exercise, and I have been noticing how rapidly my body is changing for the worse.  I know I can get things back on track and make up for what was lost, but I know all this yo-yoing is horrible for my heart.  So this week I have spruced up my diet, adding more veggies and swaping out my proteins that I have grown so tired of as of late.  One of my biggest excuses is that since I started school, I don't have time to cook meals.  And while that is true, during the week, I really don't have the time to cook each night, but truly it is merely a lack of planning.  So I headed off the excuses this week, but preparing all of my meals yesterday.  Now, I really don't have any excuses.  And since I didn't have a place to workout this morning without waking anyone, I will use my lunch hour to get in a quick workout.  I can make this work, I just have to focus and plan properly so I don't have excuses.  And I'm learning that I actually feel better having the security net of a plan in place.  It makes it a lot less stressful deciding what and where to eat, and whether or not to stick to plan.
So I am hoping this is the beginning of a successful new start, because just starting fresh isn't enough anymore.  I do that every two weeks or so.  I need to focus on the long-term and make it happen.  I have been short-terming things too much lately, focusing on just getting through the week so I can binge on the weekends. 
My husband and I were talking about is upcoming trip/photo shoot in San Fransisco next month, and the more I hear about California, the more I feel like I need to be there.  I voiced my feelings about Florida vs California again, and we got excited thinking of the prospect of living somewhere in California.  We ended the conversation with him saying he will check things out when he goes there, as far as the living situation.  I know it is very expensive to live in San Fran, but I have to believe there are other places nearby that would be cheaper.  It's a dream for now, but it makes me happy to think about it.
The weather was so nice this weekend, and I enjoyed it so much, but now the forecast might have snow in it for Friday morning.  That's about right, just when I was planning to travel.  This Wisconsin weather is for the birds!
Happy Monday everyone!  Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Blah, THIS weather, DOES "suck;" but, it can only get better from here ... *Can't wait, for our visit! ;D


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