The Size of the Dog

So my Friday trip to my hometown ended up being simply perfect.  It was fun, relaxing and not as off-track food-wise as it could have been.  Sometimes having a free ticket to eat what you want actually makes you want to get less crazy than if you are trying to keep things clean.  The highlights in photos:
I LOVE sushi and in my book, it is not a cheat meal.

This is the fortune I got.  Ironically fitting.

Looot! After the first thrift store I ended up with these gems.  The next day I found several more!  Score!

Mexican!!  I haven't enjoyed a margarita in years.  And the burritos were gi-normous!

Swirling in nostalgia and fun times with my bestie.  This is outside the convenience store where we used to work.  And incidentally, the setting of the book I'm writing.

After the nightclub, we headed to the restaurant that we used to frequent after-club, back in the day.  Way back.;)  The burgers taste the same as they did 20 years ago!
All in all, it was a very fun time, and the rest of my weekend was pretty boring food-wise, so I am starting Monday feeling pretty good.  Scale said 167 this morning, I'm ready to see the numbers slide down again.  I did an awesome back and bicep workout this morning, to help ensure I can "pull off" the cute tank tops I bought over the weekend.  I discovered a powerful tool in helping me strengthen the mind-muscle connection.  While I'm doing the move, I imagine the muscle is all ripped and beautiful, and that I can see it doing the work.  It was really effective for me this morning.  Didn't want to workout this morning, but I reminded myself, this is how morning feels, no matter what.  I can either get up and do something productive or I can continue to watch my body go in a direction I am so not happy with.  While I found a whole bunch of great clothes this weekend, I kept seeing really cute clothes in the smaller sizes than mine, but instead of simply wishing I could fit them, it fired me up to strive to get there.  I don't know what size I am physically able of acheiving, ultimately, but I am going to take it one size at a time.  Next up, size large is in my sights.  It's going to take a lot of hard work to get there, but it's not impossible. 
I logged a run yesterday.  None of my apps for my iPhone are working, so I will have to figure out how far it was, but the key was to get out and run.  Planning to run Sun, Tues, and Friday for the next few weeks, to strengthen my chances of running the whole thing.  The 5K is a little less than 4 weeks away, and to tell the truth, I will be happy when it's over and I can just concentrate on building a normal schedule that doesn't include forcing myself to run.  And if I ever say I am thinking about entering another 5K, I hope somebody talks me out of it!
Hope you all had a great weekend!  Happy Monday.


  1. Yes, it WAS, "FUN!" Still thinkin' of the David Cook, "look-alike..." *Glad I tried the Sushi! Want to go back, for MORE...since some of mine, went to waste. :/ :( Glad we found so many cool, "Worth it!" *Good Enough...IS the NEW, "PERFECT!" Thanks, FRIEND! Hope, we get a chance, to do THAT again... ;D


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