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I've spent a good deal of time browsing other weight loss blogs, and it seems to me that a whole bunch of us are in the same funk this time of year. Resolves are wavering, and we are flinging our frustrations left and right as we try to find the reason we can't keep our hands off the kids' Easter baskets. I don't know what anyone else is experiencing weather-wise, but here in my little neck of the woods, we had record setting high temps in March, and now it's back to frost on the windshields in the morning. What kind of absurdity is that?! But, spring is all about waiting for something better, something more desirable to come along. Anyone whose ever waited for something great knows how the waiting can drive a person NUTS, right? So maybe the key is to stop waiting for some great thing to happen at some point, and go out and MAKE something great happen now.
Another thing I noticed on these other blogs was how much cardio people seem to be doing! Some people seem to want to kill themselves with cardio and completely neglect weight training, and complain that they are doing everything right and still not losing weight. I found myself wanting to coach them and tell them to weight train, and they would likely start seeing results fairly quickly. But I don't practice what I preach right now, so I didn't feel right saying anything. When I think back to my most successful period of weight loss, I was strength training every other day, and the results and rewards I got from that were untouchable. I realized from how I would answer other bloggers, what I should be doing myself. I haven't been pushing myself the way I used to, the way I should be. I've been wasting time on cardio session after cardio session, and never really stepping outside my comfort zone. Waiting for the temps to warm up so I can feel my mojo return. Waiting to emerge fabulous from within.
This morning when my alarm went off I was waiting for something. Some magical "I want to work out" feeling that just didn't wake up along with me. But I talked myself into some low intensity cardio. The very same cardio room and treadmill that used to excite me now makes me turn my nose up. I am being a baby because there is almost always someone else in there when I go for cardio. And the machines are so close together that they nearly touch each other. It's my own hang-up I know, but its something I'm going to have to get past if I am going to reach my goals.
Food is always the theme underlying all weight loss journeys, as this is a universal drug of choice for most of us, and a constant devil on our shoulders. I ate whatever I wanted this weekend (and the latter part of last week for that matter) and I ate so much garbage that I actually got to a point where I couldn't think of any junk food that sounded enticing anymore. That's when you know you've OD'd on junk. I was eating out of anxiety and celebration and logic went out the window with the first bite. By the time we had a family dinner last night, I opted for a light pasta and could only eat a small fraction of it. I woke up ravenous this morning, and am happy to say I stayed on track so far. I wavered a bit at lunchtime, weak from waiting too long to eat between meals, and by the time I got inside Subway, the smell of the bread just about made me cave, but logic flooded over me as I ordered this little beauty. It made a believer out of me once again! Those jalapeƱo peppers sure make me feel good!
So for today I think I'm going to stop waiting for something wonderful to happen TO me or FOR me, and I'm going to take my own advice and make it happen. It's just spring having her way with us, but if we wait until summer to do great things, it's already too late.
This week I want to do 2 to 3 full-body strength training sessions, and make all my cardio sessions really count. I haven't been pushing myself, but i feel like its time!


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