This Close

Yesterday, I was this close to not running.  I wanted to enjoy my last few hours of free time before I picked up the kids.  But I feel the race day getting closer and closer, and I really don't want to be unprepared for it.  This is a real 5K with a time chip and everything.  I want to make myself proud.  So I didn't waste the opportunity I had, and once I got outside, I was happy I made the right choice.  It was a perfect day for a run, overcast and slightly chilly, so by the time I was done running, the cool-down felt really tollerable and refreshing.  And just as I was reaching my apartment complex, I saw a bald eagle land on my neighbor's rooftop.  It's not every day you see that.  I felt so good all day after my run, and there were plenty of times when I was aware of how good a choice I'd made to run.
This morning, I was this close to not doing a strength workout.  My lower body was still sore from yesterday's run, and I had been used to sleeping later while my kids were away.  I tried to find an excuse not to, realizing that if my son was in his room, I wouldn't have a place to lift weights without waking someone up.  I let fate decide whether or not I was going to do strength training, which is pretty lame, but 9 times out of 10 my son sneaks off to my husband's bed during the night, so I knew there would be a good chance I'd be pumping that iron anyway.  So I did.  Doing cardio would have been easier, but I reminded myself that my body will never change if all I ever do is cardio, it doesn't burn enough calories.  So I put my arms through the wringer this morning, doing a mega-set of shoulder exercises with no rest, and some back work.  Though the scale hasn't been budging in the least, some muscles are beginning to show in my shoulders and back and that puts me over the moon!  My lower abs/hips seem to be responding to my new found commitment as well, and I will probably bring out the measuring tape for the first time in several months.  I feel like I am really on a good path right now, and I hope I don't get in my own way this time.  There are so many motivators, some are trivial and some are vital, but a lot of things are coming together for me right now, and spring is always a great time to start putting more effort in, so I can wear tank tops all summer long. 
I am proud of how well I did with my diet this weekend.  I stuck to my guns all day Friday, knowing that my husband and I were going to have a cheat meal together Friday night.  We ended up trying out a new Mexican restaurant.  It had a charming atmosphere and phenomenal service, but the food was sort of anti-climatic.  Not much seasoning.  I followed my chicken dish by a plate of churros with a scoop of fried ice cream.  It didn't even taste good.  I was a bit disappointed in that cheat meal, though the time shared laughing with my husband was quite welcomed.  On saturday, I ate my normal breakfast before the convention, and had the two bad foods at the event, but then resumed my normal foods until my husband and I made an impromptu decision to make a late-night stop at our favorite sushi restaurant.  Sushi, in my book, is not a cheat meal, and my body was happy after eating it, that it was humming.  I felt healthy in every cell.  It was probably just the effect of the wasabi, as I added way more than usual, but it made me feel really good.  Sushi is my favorite food, hands down, but I can't afford to eat it as often as I'd like. 
Yesterday, fueled by my awesome morning run, I stayed on track all day, and didn't even think about eating something other than what I had planned.  I am just strong right now.  Seeing the positive changes in my body is helping push me to stay on track so I can maybe finally move on and see what the next chapter has in store for me. 
I have added Evening Primrose Oil supplement, in hopes that it will help control my cravings when my hormones start to fluxuate.  There has been some controversy over whether or not it works as such, but I am willing to try it, I need to find something to help my stay sane during that 1-2 weeks.
I will try to run 2-3 times per week until my 5K, to help my body ease into what I am asking of it, but I will let my body dictate when and what it is ready for.  I have said it before, but I truly think this will be my last 5K I do.  I like the challenge of it, but not necessarily the training.  Not running will give me the opportunity to put more time into weight training and let the cardio become less intense.  All in good time.  I only have a month left of classes this semester, and I am already thinking about adding workouts after work to excellerate my progress.  I'm really looking forward to having less on my plate for a few months!
Well, Monday is in full swing, I hope you are all off to a great start!


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