Crazy Day Eating

Not a lot new to report on at the start of a new week.  My Monday-brain is in full effect!  I had what I consider to be a relatively successful weekend, including making 3 new healthy recipes that I found on Pinterest, Pumpkin Breakfast cookies (uses bananas as the only sweetner), Flourless Peanut Butter Bread (only 1 teaspoon of sugar in the recipe, and Beefless Stew.  The cookies were pretty tastey but kind of dry, and I was really expecting a hint of sugar in them.  Knowing I can eat a couple with my plain, grass-fed yogurt in the morning helps both aspects of the meal.  I probably won't make them the same next time.  I may add some stevia if I do.  The peanut butter bread sounded so good to me, and I really wanted it to be awesome, but it was so incredibly dry that I choked on it a few times before I just resigned to having to have a bit of water with every bite.  Not a recipe I'll be making again, but I may seek out more recipes that include peanut butter because I really enjoy it, especially when I'm eating lower carb.  I choose Crema peanut butter which has exactly one ingredient, peanuts.  The stew was pretty good.  I added some Beyond Beef crumbles to give it a beefier taste.  When I think of beef stew I think of rich, gravy-laden Dinty Moore stew.  This stew had no oil, no beef, no gravy and something was lacking.  I think I'll opt for my veggie chili next time, but with a few small tweaks I could make this stew a little tastier. 
So that was my grand adventure, cooking and baking.  I know none of the recipes were a great hit with my family as there is a bunch left of all three recipes!  I will try some new ones next week.  Maybe fish tacos for the fam with a tofu substitue for me. 
I was going through Crazy Day for me on Saturday.  Women will understand.  When the monthly is looming, and my extreme desire to put things in my mouth seems to be insatiable.  I ate a ton of the recipes while I was making them, at first justifying that it was all truly healthy ingredients.  Later that night, when I finally finished the stew and had a tiny ramekin dish full of it (despite being full already) I popped in my sons' dinner of frozen pizza and the thought of eating one more thing made me feel like I'd pop; that's when I just dismissed it as Crazy Day.  For me, it usually only lasts one day.  I survived it without eating any sweet treats because I knew that would only trigger more sugar cravings, especially on that particular day.  Much later that night I did settle in for a little quiet time with Netflix and a few glasses of wine.  I found a documentary called "From Fat to the Finish Line".  It's about a group of people who have all lost weight through running.  When I started the movie I was hoping it wouldn't reignite my old hurt feelings in not being able to run anymore since tearing my knee. It was inspirational to see the people running and how much happier and better they felt.  One of them was a former contestant on The Biggest Loser who'd regained a bunch of weight back then lost it again running.  The best part about it was how close they were as a team, the support they gave one another.  It's a cool concept.  Luckily, it didn't make me feel like I'm missing out because I can't run.  My knee was hurting just watching them run, and even when they showed clips of how some of them worked out with personal trainers, and they'd be doing Burpee's.  shudder.  My knee would be toast. 
I decided, for once, to have a relaxing Sunday. I watched movies, got a haircut (finally) and did the minimal amount of laundry I could get by on.  It felt great to relax for once.  I wish I could do more of it on the daily, but I'll settle for a Sunday here and there.  I was able to get right back to normal, sane eating Sunday, because those internal, hormone-driven munchie-cravings were gone.  I don't like feeling how I did when I ate so much on Saturday, but at least it's not because my blood sugars are on a roller coaster. 
I think the week will be smooth.  I should really try to get some exercise in at some point, but I've been really lax about it so far.  Just two half-hour potty breaks with my dog every day adds enough to my daily steps to exceed my goals!  Maybe it's time to up the ante!  Hope eveyone is having a good start to the week!


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