Smooth and Cheeeesy

Wow! Did I ever need that weekend!  Whenever the weather changes rapidly I end up feeling tired and achey; it sure felt good to get a little extra sleep!  I am happy to say that the weekend did not trip me up in the least, in fact, I was prepared for my triggers better knowing what they are.  Friday night after work, we had an errand to run and we were all starving so we stopped at Subway.  I had a Veggie Delight on their new grain and flax flatbread.  It was pretty good and I didn't feel like I was compromising the diet or taste, so win-win.  Saturday was grocery shopping day.  I had eaten before I'd left, but by the time I was done checking out (roughly 2 and a half hours after eating) my stomach was growling hardcore.  Luckily, I'd picked up some Think Thin bars to try, so I ate one on the drive home.  When I got everything unpacked, I showed my husband the treasure I'd found:

Baked freaking cheese!  And garlic flavored to boot!  I was thinking we could warm it up later that night, but my husband decided we needed to try it ASAP so we heated a few slices and dipped them in marinara sauce.  So So good!  And, low carb so a total win of a "treat".  It was good that we had something with a little higher fat content because next we rounded up the kids and went for a day trip to Door County, our local penninsula that makes me think I am on vacation somewhere wonderful.
We went to a few small shops, then had lunch at a local famed restaurant that has been around since 1906
They are known for their (ahem!) hamburgers and ice cream treats.  It is typical Wisconsin fare, burgers of every kind, fries, that type of thing.  They had exactly one vegetarian thing on the menu, a veggie wrap (yawn) and I realize I could have had anything on the menu.  So while my family all got burgers and greasy sandwhiches, which I am sure tasted amazing, I ordered the charbroiled chicken salad.  The greens and veggies were so fresh and crisp and the chicken was well-prepared.  I felt way better eating that than I would have if I'd gone wild on grease.  My family indulged in ice cream after, and I didn't have any problem turning it down because I knew how bad it would make my stomach feel.  For some reason my stomach is a touch intolerant to ice cream.  I used to eat it anyway, back when the sugar high was all I wanted, but this time, I just felt it was not worth it.  I was in an awesome place, taking in beautiful beach scenery, and the salad made me satisfied.  Adding more food, especially one that might upset my stomach, sounded like it could easily put a damper on my day. 
After dinner we spent a little time on the beach, it was already getting cold as the sun began setting, but the view was so worth shivering through.  Then we took a quick drive through Penninsula State Park, and stopped at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse to look at it before heading home.  We have been there a million times, and knew it was "off season" but discovered the lighthouse was open for their Twilight Tour, one of only 4 nights a year that they have nighttime tours.  So we toured the lighthouse and by the time it was over it was pretty dark/late so we headed home.  It was a great time but we were all pretty tired.
Sunday for me, is never very restful.  It is a day of seemingly never-ending housework.  The one good thing about it, when I'm in my groove, I am not even thinking about food until my stomach growls.  So, Sunday was easy.  By the time my husband and I settled down to watch a show, I had a cup of herbal tea and a mini bag of Skinny Girl sea salt and lime popcorn.  I really don't like all the hulls, that's why the box has lasted me a couple weeks already and it's not even half gone.  I have it for an occassional treat when I want to crunch a little.  I did decide to bike on Sunday.  My favorite band (Green Day) just released a new album and I put on my headphones and decided I was going to see how far I could really make it instead of stopping at a mile.  I ended up biking for more than 19 minutes, which ended up being 4 miles.  That is a new record for me, and I was super proud of myself.  I knew I'd be sore from it, and I am, but it's good to know I am not stuck in five minute sessions.  Now, I just need to figure out how to get them into my day. 
The week is going super easy so far.  Yesterday I had a trigger when I went shopping at Kohl's and walked out empty-handed because everything there looked pukey on me.  Seriously, some of it was like they think if you are a 1X or 2X you must really need a moo-moo, and the designer lines like Simply Vera assume that XL is like a size 10.  I walked out reaffirming that Kohl's is not a place that "gets" people like me.  To be honest, I really didn't even like the styles.  I couldn't even find shoes or a purse there that I liked, I really wanted to buy something new, but I just couldn't force myself to like any of it.  I must march to my own little drum.  Anyway, leaving the store, I noticed myself feeling down, partly because of how aweful I looked in everything I tried on, and partly because I wanted a shiny new thing and that didn't happen.  It has been a long time since I've walked out any store with nothing in hand.  But, I realized what was happening, so when I got home and assessed that I wanted to get food because of genuine, physical hunger and not to lift my mood, I tried a little experiement with cheese, and it turned out good.  I have eating cheese crisps before and wanted to try baking some myself but didn't have time before getting ready for work, so I tried it in the microwave.  It really is just slightly overcooking cheese until it turns crispy. IT IS SO STINKING GOOD!  But I might be biased because I live in Wisconsin and I LOVE cheese!  I actually ate too much of it, but it kept me full for five hours so I think it balanced out.  Besides, I am not stressing out about how much and all that, I am just focusing on replacing awful foods like candy and cakes with a lot less awful foods.  I must say, I am eating way more veggies than I used to, and it doesn't feel like a chore.  That is a good thing. 
I am starting to notice some things thinning and tightening up on my body, and some clothes fitting looser.  One goal I want to accomplish is being able to cross my legs with ease again.  I love wearing long skirts and dresses because it makes me feel so feminine, but it's been a while since crossing my legs was simple or easy, and when I was thinner I always crossed them, it was just a comfortable position when there wasn't so much "in the way". 
Another goal I have is to find a good bunch of healthier recipes I can cook for family meals during the week.  It will be a challenge to find things that satisfy all of us and our different dietary needs, but I think I'm up for the challenge. 
Well, I don't know about you, but the weather is absolutely gorgeous today and I am hoping to spend a little time outside tonight to take in one last feels-like-summer evening before the cold sets in.  I hope your week is sailing smoothly!  Hey, tomorrow's already Wednesday, how did that happen?!


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