Sunshine and Sushi

Ahhhh, that weekend was nice, wasn't it?  I sure do enjoy days off!  I used to struggle a lot with keeping my eating clean on the weekends because it felt like eating something "special" made the weekend even more enjoyable.  Now, I am finding it easier to avoid that sort of thing, mostly because I am taking joy from other sensations.  For instance, Saturday we took my sweet little dog out to the beach for the first time since we got him in April.  He is a terrier mix, so he's very reactive.  Every little blade of grass, every bird, and definitely every human he sees MUST be barked at.  So taking him to the beach during crowded summer days was not an option, even though we felt bad leaving him when he yelped with sadness at the top of the stairs when we'd all go without him.  So, this time, with temperatures MUCH cooler, we brought him along.  I think we enjoyed it more than he did, he was a little unsure about the water.  To be fair, Lake Michigan had some decent sized waves with how windy it was.  It truly felt like winter it was so cold.  Did I mention it was windy?
And even though I had a lot to do the next day, I decided to just let that go and take in the beautiful sunshine.  Even though we were cold, it was a nice time.  When we got done, we were thinking about ordering some takeout food so we could eat in the car on the way home, but I told my husband I'd rather wait the 30 minutes drive to get home, drop off the dog and eat somewhere nice.  I usually let everyone else decide where we should go because they are all way more picky about it than me, which is funny since I'm the only one who eats vegetarian and is also trying to control my carbs.  This time, when we were all trying to figure out where we'd go, I blurted out, "I want sushi!"  So we went to our favorite sushi joint in the most quaint part of town.

Isn't it charming?  We had such a nice time too.  And there was a really warm, euphoric moment when I looked at my family and felt how lucky I am course through me.  The food was so delicious, I think sushi is one of my favorite things to eat, so fresh and beautiful!  But the best parts of my day had nothing to do with food, and I didn't really think about food that much, yet I was completely content.  To me, that is a huge win!
Sunday kept me busy from start to finish, and that was OK because I somehow found the energy to keep going all day, cleaning and organizing.  I was clean all yesterday, housework kept me busy. 
This morning before work (at noon) I cleaned out the garage and balcony and got all the summer stuff stowed away for the coming coldness.  I really accomplished alot and it felt great.  I hope my energy level keeps up, I am going to have a really clean space!
Tonight's goal is to simply relax.  No stress, no chores, just down time.  It's nice when it happens.
Well, here's to getting through Monday with our sanity intact!  Hope you had a good start to the week!


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