Giant Peaceful Sigh

Well, did you feel a big gush of wind today?  Sure, there's a hefty wind following up a freakish rain shower on Christmas night (in Wisconsin?  Raining in December?), but that gust of wind you may have felt is me letting out a long sigh that the holiday obligations are over.  Ahhhh.  So peacful afterword!  I realize that it is my unique perspective on the holiday, and it doesn't help that it falls in the middle of a season I am not particularly enamored with, but I am happy that things can just go back to normal for a little bit now.  And maybe that's the gist of my beef with Christmas, there is so much extra stuff to do outside the normal routine that I never feel relaxed until after it's all over.  Everyone got something, everyone ate something, we're good for a bit right?  It's harder having 2 kids with autism, when the noise starts bothering them, they make more noise to try and drown it out, and start to act bad. 
I ended up catching a cold late last week and I think it came to a head last night at our last family visit, when I was on the couch watching my son draw on the Silk app, and there was so much pressure on that particular nerve that simultaneously make you want to sneeze while also making your eyes and nose water/run.  When we left around 7pm, the rain was pelting on top of packed-down, slushy snow and ice and I was just so ready to be relaxing in my own, cozy space.  I had my fill of good food, cheesy potatoes, pistachio cookies, egg fritata and fruit, so eating clean after all that was welcome.  I did have some popcorn while watching the Office christmas episodes with my husband, but leaving all that stuff behind was easy this morning.
My solution for lower carb breakfast this week is taco bowls with veggie crumbles.  Beyond Beef is the kind I like the best, made from pea protein instead of soy so it has a nicer texture.  I tossed it with a lettuce blend, tomatoes, green onions, shredded cheese, taco sauce and a dollop of sour cream.  Not too bad of a way to wake up!  I am having a chopped salad with black beans and corn for lunches this week and I bought some organic, frozen berries, some oranges and bananas to boost my intake of fruits and veggies this week.  The only grains I have planned is the bun or bread (if I choose to have it) for my veggie burger I am eating at dinner.  My snacks are dry roasted peanuts and yogurt, and I always keep some fresh cheese for a solid backup plan.  Though I didn't really eat too terribly during the holidays, it feels good to be back to eating fresher foods.  I don't know if I can really tell that much of a difference in how I feel when eating more veggies/fruit but I'm sure my body appreciates it on a certain level, and it's a refreshing change from time to time.  In the summer I am going to make a goal of getting a good portion of my veggies from the farmer's market, by then I should have a good handle on foods/menus I enjoy and can just rotate certain things.  I have noticed, when I begin to get bored with a certain food it makes me want to eat something "different" or experiment with other things, and if I don't have enough healthy choices at home I will start to think about counter-productive foods.  Back when I was working out all the time and super on-track with South Beach Diet, I used to plan in cheat meals so I wouldn't feel deprived, and to help give me a break from foods I might get tired of.  That phase was where I ended up having so much meat (low carb, right?) that I got so sick of it that it ended up disgusting me, that's when I stopped eating it.  I still eat it from time to time, like over the weekend I made a chicken taco bake thing in the crock pot and had some (so good, especially on a sore throat), but it is my reminder to not eat any one food for so many days or weeks in a row that I actually don't like it anymore.  So, having a list of things I do like to rotate through week to week is a must.  Oh darn, more time on Pinterest for me! haha.
I feel a little beat up today, even though I didn't really do anything too physically strenuous over the weekend.  I did slip on the ice a few times, and I'm happy I am agile enough to catch myself, but it always ends up hurting for a few days because my body's just not ready for the awkward way it twists and bends on the ice.  Did I mention I am probably the least graceful person you will ever meet?  I can laugh about it now, but I'm not sure how funny it'll be when I'm 60!  Hopefully I won't live in an icy place by then! 
I was meaning to start working out this morning, to try and develop the habit, and while my plans went a little astray, I was able to get the dog out for an actual walk around the neighborhood, so by the time I got to work at noon, I had already logged around 6,000 steps on my fitbit.  Not too bad.  That's where I slipped on some black ice so now my hip is sore, which will make me have to stretch today to get it feeling better.  Woe is me!  lol.  It seems like everything I do there is a realization that there is more work to be done.  I am conquering the compulsive eating like a champ, then the realization that I need to add cardio to get my blood sugars down, then the realization that I need to make sure I stay agile so I don't break a hip on the ice, and I'll need to keep my muscles strong so if I do fall I can get myself back up off the ground, and it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to work on balance, and all that will make me sore so I'll have to fit in some stretching time. Whew!  No wonder some people never venture out to try and change things, it seems like a long string of things to fit into a day or week.  But, I think, if we work on a few things a few days of the week, and try to stay consistent, things have a positive way of taking care of themselves.  Balance and strength training can often be combined, and stretching and strength can too, and yoga can mix all three in one.  So, if I am creative and consistent I can make it work.  The question is, will I?


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