Reaching for the Light

So, can I just say this for the record?  My husband is amazing!  He moved all of our heavy furniture by himself without a dolly yesterday!  All those years of heavy lifting at the gym came in super handy I suppose.  I am really glad he didn't hurt himself.  When I got home, I took the dog out and ate a quick dinner, then started moving more stuff.  This is what dinner looks like during a move:
Moving totes make great tables if you are in a pinch!
I spent about 2 hours moving a few things, I couldn't get as much done as I would have liked, but I made an effort.  My back was killing me after just 2 hours, I can't imagine what my husband's back felt like.  We should have another good chunk of stuff in the new place tonight, and when I get home I will help move our mattresses, and we could potentially be sleeping in the new place tonight.  It is all happening so fast this time, almost like I don't have time to think about the things I am going to miss about our old place (of less than a year, lol).  We had huge floor-to-ceiling windows, central heat and air, and vaulted ceilings.  The new place has none of those and a less pretty view, but at least we won't be in danger of getting kicked out for noise we are making.  The place isn't really built very well.  I will be really happy when our stuff is all out of the old place.  The cleaning will be the easy part, and re-arranging and hanging art is the fun part of moving.  I hope I don't have to move again anytime too soon.  It's just a pain. 
Today as I was preening and getting ready I was actually surprised at how much smalller I look, and it seemed to have happened suddenly, as if my body just now got the picture that I was making positive changes and started responding.  I never thought I'd be so comfortable with food, even to the point where I don't think about it.  That's a pretty huge deal.  I used to think about food all day long, to the point of torturing myself, to have this freedom from all of that is such an amazing feeling!  I don't care what the scale says as long as I am making good choices most of the time, I am noticing my clothes getting roomier and parts of me are flattening/thinning noticably.  I can't believe all the years I spent torturing myself over willpower and super restrictive dieting was totally what was keeping me obese and super unhappy.  My mind is a little blown.  Every day I am gratful for finding the information that helped me turn this around.  I'm gratful to those who knew and shared their knowledge freely so others like me could heal.  Notice the difference in the terms "lose weight" and "heal".  One is therapeutic and freeing, one makes you focus on superficial external stuff instead of working from the inside out. 


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