I Love Mondays

I am so happy my husband will be home tonight.  This is the longest we've been apart in years, and it caused me to behave out of character, spending long stretches eating to try to comfort the absence, and wasting so much time on mindless computer games to keep myself busy so as not to think about it too much.  I was prepared to be a little sad when he left, a normal response I think, but I wasn't prepared for how much anxiety it caused me, seemingly for no reason.  I'm sure there's a reason there, but not evident to me. 
My entire weekend ended up so counterproductive.  At best, I did some cardio on Friday, and a few sets of a leg exercise to strengthen the muscle that holds the knee cap in place, as the thing keeps slipping around.  Each night since Thursday, I have gone to bed with my stomach feeling aweful, my body feeling jiggly and bloated, thinking, I'm glad this is not my normal eating habit anymore, eating clean makes my entire body feel so much better. 
By Sunday night, I was already preparing for the week, making meals and planning my workouts, getting ready to challenge myself on that treadmill.  That put my mind in a healthy place, and got me refocused.  I don't like how being off track makes me feel.  My husband leaves again, just overnight this time, in a couple weeks, and I will challenge myself to not let things go so astray.  I'm sure, as he becomes more successful in his modeling ventures, he will be gone more frequently, I cannot allow my health to be effected by that, I have to be a strong role model for my kids, and this weekend I was anything but. 
I entered a contest at work called "Maintain, Don't Gain".  It basically equates to a weigh-in before the holidays, and another weigh-in in early January.  Those who gain less than 2 pounds earn wellness points which after a certain number banked, turn to cash.  I love that my company is so health conscious and rewards me for looking after my health.  It shouldn't have to be that way, that we only do something if we are rewarded monitarily, but it is definitely a driving force.  I want to actually see a loss on that scale when I hop back on.  To me, that is the real reward. 
On Saturday, before the leg workout, I did some cardio dancing for fun and to take the edge off my anxiety, and it helped me to realize that part of the key to my staying motivated, is actually seeing my arm muscles.  I have been so covered up since fall began, that I never look at my body to see where I am at.  I wore a tank top when I was dancing on Saturday, and it was almost as if I was surprised to see muscle tone on my arms, it really made me feel great!  So even though my progress has been stagnant for months, at least I haven't gone totally off the rails and lost everything I have worked for.  I have been successfully maintaining my loss, which isn't a bad place to be.  With a little thought and effort, I am right back in the game, and in time, the losses will start happening again.
If anything, Monday to me, represents an opportunity for a fresh start.  Here's to a great week!


  1. Last time my wife was away for the night I bought a rabbit from the local butchers and made a rabbit stew as she is vegetarian and couldn't face seeing me eat a bunny. I ate it drinking a glass of red wine then spent the rest of the evening watching TV in my underpants. Mind you, I don't have kids to worry about.

  2. Oh the mental image! It was very thoughtful of you to not eat that in front of your wife. Hmmm, I may have to try this next time my husband's away. Minus the rabbit. Oh, and fully clothed. What I'm saying is, the wine and TV sound like great ideas.


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