Stress: Not Always Necessary

You know that saying when it rains, it pours?  It's so true!  The past two weeks have been so stressful for me, and it has been multiplying and folding over upon itself.  Sometimes I wonder how I have the strength to keep it all together, then I see my children and even their incessant fighting can't draw me away from the fact that they are the very light of my existence. 
Today's stresses include last night's news that our current babysitter may not be able to watch our kids for much longer (looong sigh) and the headache of having to find a new daycare/sitter that can watch autistic children is one I'm not ready to take on just yet.  But it won't wait long.
I also got my 6 mo performance review at work today, and while most of it was positive, and my boss herself thinks I rock, there is one person in particular, a manager from another department who always has her nose in everyone else's business, who had some really negative things to say, including that I should work on my posture, so that I portray confidence.  As Julia Child would say, balls to that!  That is getting a little personal, don't you think?  The company I work for is so bizarre because they want us to treat it like it's a private company, but it's corporate.  So many intricate details and policies, yet so little training.  And since it's a health clinic, my department (optical sales) is an after thought at best, unless someone has a complaint.  Anyway, the way I see it, this time of year it is easy to tell who is miserable, by how miserable they want to make everyone around them.  This week I have been witness to some stressed-out people screaming at each other in public; perfect strangers irked by one another.  One was at the bus stop yesterday, when the kids were getting on the bus, a car drove past the bus and one mom started pointing and yelling at the car, who promptly pulled over to confront her.  They yelled back and forth, and it ended with the mom calling the cops.  It turns out, the driver of the car was correct, the bus driver didn't have his stop sign out, because none of the kids were crossing the street.  Its hard to watch people being so ugly to each other over so little.   I mean, I see both sides, but they could have resolved it without making a scene.
Me?  I am just coasting along, happy that there is no snow on the ground yet.  Happy that Friday is just one day away.  Happy for my health and a good job and for my family.  People will always have ways to stress you out if you let them.  A little kindness goes a long way in this world.  And for what that doesn't cover, there is strength of mind and sound reasoning.
I could have easily slipped to the other side of this diet so many times, but I am grateful for my will being strong right now.  This makes all the stress of the past few weeks much easier to swallow.  Now how's that for a turn around?  Instead of turning to junk food to try and make me feel like my life is manageable, I am turning against that sort of food, and it's the latter that is making me feel better.  And, despite having done only 1 cardio session and 1 weight session, I have lost 4 pounds since going back on the keto phase.  All my clothes fit better and I have more energy.  And best yet, I have a dream again.  A dream of the 140's , and then, of the 130"s and maybe, that will be where I can peacefully exist for a good long time.  It is so close I can just about smell it! 
Here's to a killer weekend!  Thanks for reading!


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