A Year Passes

One year has passed since I began this journey toward health, and lately I have been getting down on myself for my lack of discipline, but when I see a photo of myself anytime before November of last year, I think God, is that really the way I looked?  It is amazing what you don't see when you have been stuck in the same spot for years.  In my naivite, I imagined I could reach my goal weight in a year's time, but once the silly contest ended, it was a bit of an eye opener for me. 
Looking ahead to the coming year, I know I will have many challenges ahead of me, adding college into an already chaotic schedule, but if I have learned anything about myself in the past year, it is that I am stronger than I ever imagined, resourceful, and so very worth every minute spent putting myself first. 
I hesitate to set a defined goal for myself for the year, as I really don't know what to expect from my body.  I know it is harder to lose fat/weight as your fitness level increases, I know that there will have to be dietary changes and workout tweaking, along with much learning about my body and my limits.  I know that no matter the formula, it absolutely must include daily reignition of the spark that started it in the first place, and reasoning with myself when my emotions, stress and anxiety get the better of me.  Wise choices will lead me where I want to go, sure and steady.  I originally began this, in part, wanting to look and feel better than ever by the time I hit 40, and that is still 13 months away, so it is totally possible.  Heck, I already do look and feel better than I have in years! 
My areas of focus for the next year?  More consistent schedule of weight training, focus on correcting posture/gait to help my knees, and upping the ante on the cardio with some longer sessions and some more intense sessions.  Maybe try some more plyometrics or interval mix of cardio and weights. 
As I begin the next chapter of my journey, I continue to be excited by the prospect of being in control of making my dreams come true.   A tight, healthy physique, a cute and trendy wardrobe, a new lease on life!  I am more than halfway there.  And to be honest, the toughest part was making the committement to begin in the first place.  So, the hard work is already done, the rest is just fun and rewards.
Thanks for following along on my journey!  Here's to the start of another great year!


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