Sunshine is Coming

Yesterday was a series of stressful events, including getting written up at work, and while I indulged in a one-man complaint fest, I didn't allow myself to comfort with food.  By the end of the night, I was stressed out and irritated with everyone.  I was an emotional wreck. 
It is really hard for me to let go of yesterday's stress, but I am resolving to turn my week around.  I will chalk it up to being a bad Monday, and move on.  At least, that's my plan.
It has also been really hard to talk myself into doing cardio in the mornings, despite having access to a nice fitness room at my complex.  It requires walking outside in the shivery-cold, dark morning, and usually I have several layers and blankets on me inside the house and am still shivering.  It is an excuse, and I need to stop allowing it.  My husband's schedule at work changed, which means our morning routines clash, and it has me a little discombobulated.  I will find my groove again, it'll just take a little extra planning.  It is affording me a little more sleep in the morning, which is nice, but I could be putting that time to much more productive use.
I am so looking forward to the sunshine making an appearance today, and I am especially looking forward to this weekend, when I can have a warm, and flavorful cheat meal with my boys.  My husband has a gig booked (a paid modeling appearance) on Friday, so I'll probably take my kids for a nice meal and maybe ice cream.  I may not have anything sweet, but I may have a few glasses of wine once they are in bed. 
Ah, sweet weekend, hurry along!


  1. Sleep time is productive time, you don't have to be running around like a blue arsed fly all the time. Or beating yourself up about it when you aren't. Autumn is here and I'm feeling the same. It's too wet/dark/cold to go out, it's a challenge but limit youself to a cople of cario sessions a week and try to set those times in stone so you work the rest of your schedule around them instead of the other way around. Chin up.

  2. As always, good advice. Thanks Tony!

  3. "BAH!" Don't let them, get to ya... ;) :) *You're doin' what you can.


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