My Knees Hate Me!

My date night with my husband was nice, but it went all too fast.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants, which is nearly impossible to get a table on a Saturday night, but we walked right in and were seated immediately.  Dinner was everything we'd hoped it would be, and he even left his phone alone out of respect.  Next we went to see the Rum Diary, which I really enjoyed.  There again, we are usually lucky to get a front row seat and have to crane our necks all night to see the screen, but this time we got really good seating.  Everything went our way.  After the movie, we went to get some ice cream, and before I knew it, we were relieving my father-in-law and tucking the kids into bed.  It was a really nice evening, and a much-needed night to reconnect as a couple.
My diet was as atrocious as it's ever been this weekend!  I ate a mountain of sweets and fats, and by Sunday night, it was glaringly obvious how out of control the sugar beast was.  I was already planning on going back to phase 1, the ketogenic phase of South Beach, and now I wasn't in denial about why it was not only a good thing, but essential to my well-being.  Seeing all the really cute clothes out right now, I started to get back to an exciting place, mentally, really gearing up for a successful refire.  Then, we brought the kids to a park to burn off some of their energy, and my older son begged me to join him on the merry-go-round.  I happily obliged.  But when I tried to push off, my already irritated knee made a horrible sound and I knew something was not good.  Thankfully, I can still walk on it, but my mobility is limited and slow.  No workouts for a while, except maybe some upper body weight work this week.  It is feeling bruised this morning, but some of the swelling went down, so I am praying for a quick recovery.  It is almost a year to the date that this very thing happened to me, and that was what drove me to start my journey.  So it is fitting that this would happen again when I am needing to restart.
So my goal for the week is to keep my diet squeaky clean and take in lots of fluids.  I have already told my husband that if we do have a "cheat meal" this weekend, that I will not be having anything off-plan, which still allows me some really tasty fajitas from our favorite restaurant.  I have been painfully aware that I need to fix the broken path I've been on, what better time to get back in the game.  I really hope I can stick with it this time.  Unfortunately, I have been so out of the habit of weighing myself lately, that I forgot to do it this morning.  After eating and drinking a bunch of stuff, I weighed 161.  I will try to remember to weigh tomorrow morning.  I figure, I have 7 months until the warm weather returns, I should be able to make some really great progress by then. 
Things are starting to happen for my husband, he is lining up more and more paid modelling gigs, and there is potential he will be discovered at some point.  More than ever, I need my self esteem to be iron-clad so that I don't fall into a pit of apathy and assuming I am not good enough for him. 
We might be getting snow this week, yuck!  I'm not ready.  I don't know if I'll ever truly be ready for it.
Hope you had a great weekend, and that Monday goes smoothly for you!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Ow, swollen knee sounds bad. You'll have to take it easy for a bit.

  2. Yes, all my joints have been protesting against my choice of residency, but the knees are screaming the loudest!


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