The Road to Extraordinary

When I was 200+ pounds, I couldn't walk on a treadmill.  Oh, I tried, so many times.  But despite my valiant efforts, I always felt off-balance, with a bizzare stride and in the end, spent more time focusing on my awkwardness than my workout.  So, needless to say, I was a bit skeptical this morning as I stepped into the cardio room at my apartment complex.  The room holds two bikes, two treadmills and an eliptical machine.  I chose the treadmill, determined to make it work, because I am really tired of walking back and forth in my apartment. 
Long story short, I had an awesome workout!  It didn't feel awkward at all, and the only time I lost my balance was when I tried to speed up too quickly.  Seeing my speed on the screen actually drove me to work harder.  If I could hit 3.3 solidly, then the next interval I tried 3.4, until I finally hit 3.5mph and while I was doing it, I realized that I was likely walking faster than I could run.  By the time I stepped off, I felt so awake and warm, I was even perspiring a little bit, which hasn't happened in some time.  Which made me wonder if I have been pushing myself enough. 
My greatest triumph is this, I spent all weekend eating junk, really indulging, and by noontime yesterday, I was so over it, and ready to go back to a healthy lifestyle.  And not only that, but looking toward the future.  I even looked at my progress objectively, and looked at how far I have yet to go, and realized that in order to get to extraordinary, you have to get through ordinary on the way.  I am not quite to ordinary yet, but I will continue my quest for normal.  For me that means, not being the one who is heavier or saggier or softer than most people in the room, but being quite unremarkable in pysique.  That's where I will separate myself from the crowd and push toward extraordianary.  My time is coming, and I will revel in it!
Yesterday I saw an ad for a gym and it said this: "Nothing is impossible.  Even the word says 'I'm possible'"  That is really powerful.  And it will help drive me.  I have a feeling it is going to be a very productive winter, having that cardio equipment and a home gym at my disposal.  I am excited to see what develops by spring time!
Hope your week is starting out great!


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