Sugar vs Cocaine

I had a pretty great weekend, I must say, and my smart choices led to a budge in the scale, at long last.  The peace and rest on Friday were so therapeudic.  My knee has been slowly feeling better.  I think I have self diagnosed it as sublaxation, where the knee cap slips off place and then slips back on.  Thankfully, it is something that can be fixed by strengthening the VMO (vastus medialis oblique) muscle, it's part of the quads.  So, Saturday I did a full three cirucuit weight session including some squats and step-ups, though I had to modify them to keep the pressure on the knee to a minimum.  I am going to make a more concentrated effort to strengthen this area, so as not to continue having these issues, which make arthritis a lot more likely.
My diet has been really good, despite having to improvise on occassion due to lack of groceries at certain points.  Even when my kids were having snacks, I was fine.  I had one chip from each of them and was fine with stopping there.  My "treat" was a diet A&W root beer,  which tasted like dessert! 
Yesterday I got the cleaning bug, and cleaned out my garage and patio, and got ready for (ugh!) winter.  Then, we took a walk to a convenience store to get some coffee and the kids picked out a snack.  Again, I had one piece of each of their snacks and stopped.  The walk ended up being about 2 miles round trip.  Then, after a little more cleaning, we went to our local aquatic center and played our hearts out!  My kids loved it.  I was so exhausted from all the activity (plus some high intensity cardio earlier in the morning) and by the end of the night, my nose was stuffy and I was starting to cough.  Ugh!  Sick again.  Oh well, it's that time of year!  At least there is no snow in the forecast for this week.
My husband and I were daydreaming about moving someplace warm and snowless.  He has a few friends that live in Florida, and we were just talking hypothetically about what if.  I  have always had an unwarranted, really negative feeling about FL, but just the fact that it doesn't snow there is enough to make me agree to move there, if the cards were in place.  I could actually use my optical license there, which would likely equate to a better wage than I make now.  And there would be an ample amount of modeling work there for my husband.  It was just a thought in passing.  Every year around this time, we start dreaming of living anywhere that it doesn't snow.  Last week when we got that rain/snow mix, one of my husband's coworkers got in a car accident due to slippery roads, and is now in a coma.  This is why I hate snow.
I am feeling good heading into week 2 of my ketogenic diet, no sugar cravings, despite hormonal influx, which is quite remarkable!  I was deciding whether to start adding in good carbs this week, or hold out another week, and I decided to stick with it one more week, because I am doing so good and it is making me stronger mentally.  The whole thing is building on itself.  It truly helps that my husband has been keeping his diet much cleaner as well.  We didn't even have a family cheat meal this weekend, due more to finances than resolve, but it didn't even bother me.  We will have one this weekend, likely on Friday, and I will try to keep it sane.  The last thing I want to do is throw myself back into sugar cravings.  I can see why some nutrition and fitness experts consider sugar poison.  For people who are sensitive to it, like me, the addiction is nearly immediate and so strong.  I once saw an interview with Tom Arnold (Rosanne's ex-husband) at a point where he'd dropped a bunch of weight by some form of low-carb diet, and he said he'd beaten both the addiction of sugar and cocaine, and sugar was the much harder habit to kick.  That is profound!
Well, here's hoping your week gets off to a great start, and if you live someplace warm and sunny, count your blessings, I'm sincerely jealous!


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