Small Victories

This week has certainly presented me with enough stress, which is a huge trigger for me wanting to self-comfort with food.  Luckily, I have been able to work through the challenges and stay on-task, but I'm not going to lie, it was tough! 
Today, however, I have the day off, and I have been indulging in relaxation and the all-too-rare quiet that is blanketing my apartment.  To my absolute delight, I don't even feel like eating anything off plan today, which is usually a fight I have with myself when I am alone, and have no one to witness or answer to. 
I really enjoyed watching Good Morning America and the Nate Berkus Show, they bring back bittersweet memories of being unemployed and beginning my weight loss journey.  More than that, the Nate Berkus show got my creativity flowing, and it got me excited about changing my interior design and wardrobe.  I need a wardrobe makeover so bad.  I don't feel like my clothes represent who I am.  Then again, I live in a place where it is absurd to wear a dress in any month that falls between September and April.  That leaves me wearing old baggy workout gear and my one, lonely pair of jeans with some long sleeved T shirts.  Not exactly a fashion diva's wardrobe.  I am finding that clothes are a huge motivator for me.  When I was in a department store with my family last week,  I felt so inspired by the really cute clothes they were selling, in sizes I would like to be someday.  I left the store feeling iron-clad in my resolve.  Then again today, after watching Nate, I felt like working toward a physique that would allow me to design the type of wardrobe I would be delighted to wear.  Eating unproductive junk will ruin that, and I will be doomed to wear dreaded casual, boring gear indeffinitely.  So, I am going to keep my focus on that, and see how far it can drive me. 
The good news that interrupted the stress of the week, is that I got accepted back to college!!  I can finally start working toward my career in psychology and autism.  It will be a long, long road, but well worth it.  As the weight loss journey has taught me time and again, anything worthwhile is worth the struggle.    So, my life will get a little more complicated in January when I begin classes, but I say, bring it on! 
My knee is still acting strange, slipping in and out of alignment, but the pain has lessened considerably.  And when it is in the right place, I can use it freely.  This morning I took advantage of it being good, and got a quick session of cardio in.  I would have been upset with myself if I let the opportunity slip, since the knee was agreeing with me and I had the day off.  I may get an upper body workout in this weekend, and if the knee allows, some more cardio.  I now have access to a bunch of cardio equipment at my complex's leasing office, and am eager to try it out.    As far as diet goes, it has been a very successful week for me.  That feels like a small victory, and one I'm looking forward to experiencing more frequently. 
Hope you are having small victories of your own.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats on being accepted back at college.

  2. Thank you Tony! It was a pleasant surprise, for sure!


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