The Crack in the Mirror

This morning's sunshine and somewhat mild temps inspired me to run again.  This time I just went around the neighborhood, nothing fancy.  I did ten intervals of 1 minute running, and 30-60 seconds walking at an easy pace, depending on how much wind I was sucking.  It felt pretty good, natural.  I even corrected a posture issue I noticed (my chin was leading me, I must have looked pretty comical).  I'm not sure if I get a runner's high just yet, you probably need to run for more consecutive minutes than I do, but running makes me feel fit, smart, and strong.  When I see my shadow next to me on the street I think, that's me, running.  And I look normal doing it, WHAT A TRIP!  So forget what I said about letting my interval cardio dictate when I would be running.  I started my interval cycle over on Monday (which means it is a lot lower intensity the first week), and I didn't want to wait until Sunday, when the weather's supposed to be garbage, to run because chances are, it wouldn't happen.  The most I can ethically committ to during the weekend is a little cardio, indoors, where my guys can see me.  Anything else is just a bonus, as far as I'm concerned.
Since I had so much muscle tightness after I ran last time, I made sure to get a good stretch in afterword, and I took a long bath to relax the muscles.  So far, I think I will be able to walk tomorrow.  Thumbs up.
Now, I wouldn't normally tax my system like that on a weight training day, but I was just going with what felt right at the moment.  How my body handles doing both in a matter of just a few hours, is yet to be determined.  But it has been a few days since I've had a good solid weight session, so I went ahead and laced up my shoes yet again.  To my surprise, I had plenty of energy to get a great weight session in, my only modification was I had to leave out the lunges, because after only five of them I noticed my knee was irriated again (from the running).  And, I have noticed that, I happen to be "in between" the weights I have available for the kickbacks, so I have swaped them out for Skull Crushers, which feel a lot more natural and effective for my triceps.  I can't wait to get rid of the loose stuff on the back of my arms! 
While I was training my hamstrings on the stability ball, I watched myself in the full-length mirror.  It has a long crack in it (my kids love to play in closets) and for an instant, my stomach looked so small and flat, but I realized that it was being distorted by the crack in the mirror, which split my body in half. I thought to myself, that even if it was a distortion, it was nice to get a glimpse of where I could be someday.  Then I moved over to get my full image in one side, and realized that it wasn't a distortion after all.  When I am laying down, my stomach looks that way.  It is my mind playing tricks with me again, thinking I am still 223 pounds.  Then I thought back to this morning's run and it reminded me of my newfound strength and much improved fitness level, and with a quiet, content, smile I thought to myself, I am on my way, and it is only going to get better as it goes!


  1. Glad you are sticking with the running, it is surprising how quickly your stamina and strength build with running outside.

  2. I get that same feeling you did when I see my shadow as I am runnign (look at me!! I am a runner!! lol)

    Good for you!



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