Skip a Workout, Lose a Pound?

I am still rocking out the goals, but I will say this, I have had about enough of sick kids and snow in the forecast!  There, now I feel better.  One kid has yet another cold, complete with soupy nose, the other had stomach flu last night, and is now catching his brother's cold.  And there is a rain/snow mix in the forecast for Friday, when just yesterday it was in the 70's and thunderstorming.  Well, not much I can do about it, so I won't whine.  Anymore.
My metabolism has been insane.  Its as though I cannot keep myself full.  I am hungry within an hour of eating, so lately my meals are closer to 2 hours apart rather than 3, which means I am taking in more calories, and still nearly insatiable.  Last night, I kept a jar of peanuts by my bed, because I was sick of getting up to eat every couple hours.  Maybe I need to eat something with a little higher fat content before bed.  Whatever the case, it is raging.  And I am pretty excited about that, it's a small price to pay for my dream in progress.  And this morning when I woke up, I was 1 pound lighter than yesterday, despite skipping my workout.  That puts me at 161, a new all-time low.  The 150's are looking accomplishable from here, barring any disasters. 
As for the skipping the workout, it seems to me that I either cannot get in the right mindset, or am so interrupted from strength training when my kids are around, so I have decided not to stress out about doing that portion of my workout on the weekends.  I will still do cardio, which is a lot less of a time committment, and a lot less to ask of them (to be patient for Mommy's attention and not play right in my walking path).  Besides, it seems like I tend to lose weight when I do 1 less weight session per week.  Just an obeservation at this point, but I may put it to the test.  I have no problem do extra cardio on days I don't do weight work. 
I am planning to do some more running this week, perhaps on Friday.  I don't want to do too much too soon, as I was sore for a number of days after my last run.  I am letting my interval cardio schedule dictate, whenever it calls for top level intensity, it will be those days that I run, weather permitting. 
Not much else for now.  Did my interval cardio today (low intensity) while my sick boy was resting, and spent the day nursing him back to health.  No extra cardio for me today, it's already time to pick up the other guy from school, then homework, cook dinner, give them baths, reading time, and bed.  Yawn.  Haven't been sleeping well, due to my crazy metabolism.  Hoping tonight provides some peaceful Zzzz's.  Hope everyone had an adventurous weekend, and feels energized for the new week! 


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