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Yesterday I was woken by a horrific dream that included Satan being in my house, torturing my sister and making my son sleep like a bat, hanging by his toes from the towel rack.  That jolted me awake.  The fact that I actually saw the face of Satan, all covered in orange veins was disturbing.  I don't believe in Satan, I think that evil is a uniquely human trait, and neither my sister nor my son are evil.  I do, however see my son (Zach) as an innocent.  And in the dream, I knew that my husband, mother, older son and I were powerful enough to defend the weak.  The only thing I can think of as far as my sister goes is, today she turns 40, and when I think about her turning 40 that seems so old, but when I think of myself being only 1 1/2 years away from that age, it doesn't seems so old.  Funny the tricks the mind can play.
Anyway, that set the tone for my day, along with the morning news forecasting a hefty snow storm.  Blech.  So after I got the kids off to school, I quickly ate and rushed out to get my errands done before the snow came.  My husband had asked me to get a book for him from the library, and when I was there I just peeked to see if they had the Anthony Bourdain book I've been wanting to read.  They didn't have "Kitchen Confidentials" (I put it on hold last week, and was expecting it to take a month or so to come in), but they had his follow-up book, "Medium Raw", which I decided to get.  If nothing else, it is reading about something I like.  As I was pulling in my driveway, the library called to say the book I had on hold was in.  I ignored it and went in the house to start reading "Medium Raw".  I got through the foreward and a page into the first chapter I knew I couldn't read them in reverse order.  So, I went to get "Kitchen Confidential", and I was giddy like a school girl with a hot crush the whole way to the library and back.  It felt to me, like I was beginning my journey into the culinary world (that outside of Food Network, that is).  Let me say, I can't put the book down.  It is a wonder I have the strength to resist it long enough to blog today, as you see I didn't have the same will yesterday. 
Then, my day got even better.  I finally got the call I've been waiting for.  From the company I've been waiting to hear it from.  I. Got. A. Job!!!!!!  They offered me more money than I was asking for, and they hours are absolutely brilliant, no weekends, so we can enjoy a whole bunch of family time together this summer!  I am so excited, I nearly have to be scraped from the ceiling.  It has been a long seven months living on one income.  Now we can start to work toward our goals instead of stressing about how we're going to make it through each month.  Whew!  I hope I never have to go through this whole ordeal again.
Green Bay got 10 inches of snow, which actually sets a new record for most snow in one day (this late in the season) and puts this winter at the 3rd snowiest winter of all time (for Green Bay, since the mid-1800's).  But, the scale said 159 this morning, so not one little thing can get me down!  Everything seems to be going my way.  The kids had a late start to school this morning, but Zach's bus came early (a miracle) just when I needed her to, so I could make it to my drug screening/health screening for my new employer.  And my blood pressure was really good today at my physical.  And the roads are really quite drivable, I wasn't stressed about having an accident at all.  So, it has shaped up to be quite a wonderful couple of days.  Friday night, my father-in-law is taking my family out for a nice dinner/celebration.  It is going to be so good to be working again.  The blogs might not come as frequently, but that's a small price to pay.  It will be interesting to see how I can accomplish everything I need to in the mornings, workouts, getting myself ready and the kids ready and dropped off at the daycare before school, then get to work, and make time for weight work afterwords.  I am hoping that fitness is ingrained enough that I will just continue to make it a priority, but I guess only time will tell.  I am getting so close to my goal now, maybe only 20 more pounds to lose, and I can not let anything stand in my way.  Well, I start work next Wednesday, I've got some lose ends to tie up before that happens, and two Anthony Bourdain books to read.  Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Congrats babe - sounds like the makings of an awesome Wednesday!!!

    I posted a recipe on my blog today for guilt free chocolate fudge brownies that I got from Jillian Michaels... take a look if you need a sweet treat. I haven't tried making them yet, btu I think I'll give it a go this weekend.


  2. Kitchen Confidential is a brilliant book, so is Cooks Tour. Sorry you are still getting snow, it myst be like living in the Arctic.

  3. Kelly, Thanks! The brownies sound good, I will have to try them.

    Tony-Thank you. I do feel like I could invest in a pet polar bear and no one would look at me strange for that!

    Bittersweet: Thanks, friend!


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