Just One of Those Days

This morning welcomed me with a giant headache, and it hasn't subsided.  I have a nagging feeling of depression following me around, which I've been prone to in the past.  This time, I think I know the root of my worries, and it has been eating away in my gut for a while now, threatening to derail me if I don't deal with it.  It is probably just my imagination working overtime, and I am sure I will feel better once I take the proper steps to work through it.  Funny how a few, small things can blow up so big in my head, and take over the controls like a bully.  Well, I am going to approach this sticky spot with logic and reason, and take those controls back, baby!
My lagging spirit and headache short-tracked my morning session of interval cardio.  It was just one of those times when I knew it wasn't going to happen the way it should, it was feeling too forced and not good, so I ended after only 6 minutes.  Did 35 minutes of cardio this afternoon, which spiked my spirits slightly.  Last night I made a recipe from my South Beach Diet book, it was for peanut butter and jelly cookies.  For such a simple recipe, they are pretty tastey.  Maybe too tastey.  They are ridiculously tiny, not much bigger than a Hershey's kiss, and one serving consists of 2 cookies.  I was supposed to control myself and only eat 1 serving, but I ate 2 servings of them last night.  I was using food to comfort, and the issue that was causing me to want to comfort was further agrivated last night, so this morning I had 2 more servings before breakfast.  And though I am not proud of what I did, part of me wanted to eat that whole darn bag of cookies this morning, but I was able to stop, and put them in the freezer where I can't see them and won't be tempted by them. 
Everything else is going smoothly today.  Tempuratures are finally starting to creep up this week, snow is melting and the sun is gracing us with its loveliness.  I should be back in 'Fitness Goddess' mode soon enough, just have to do a little "spring cleaning" first.  Hope everyone's is feeling loved and happy today!


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