First Day

Today was my first day at my new job, so there was a lot of panic and worry leading up to it, arranging daycare (at the last minute, I'm such a horrible procrastinator), getting clothes ready, dealing with a new schedule for all of us, and a late bus that nearly gave me an ulcer and almost made me late for my first day.  But, I made it, and everything is in full swing.  My kids got picked up and delivered to the daycare just fine, and no one threw a fit or got kicked out. 
The job seems a lot slower paced than most of the places I've worked, but that also will give me a lot more freedom in the long run, and I will be in complete control of the frame inventory eventually, which means I can chose to purchase whatever frames I like.  My head is swelling already!  Next week I will be going through an official orientation, that will introduce me to the computer systems used, etc. 
I did pretty good with my diet and exercise today.  It was a cardio-only day, so I got up extra early to do my cardio.  Just out of initial discomfort with being new, and not wanting to take too many breaks, I skipped a snack today, which meant I went for 5 1/2 hours between eating.  Oh well, once things get more settled, I will be able to regulate these things much easier.  Tomorrow will be a little different, as I will be starting earlier, and will have a whole new level of chaos in getting the kids to daycare and then scooting across town to my training site, but I'm confident it will go smoothly.  I will somehow learn to juggle it all and still turn down the coffee cake, muffins and ice cream cake (those were just 3 of the items on the lounge room table in our department today.)  Finding time to do weight training in the evenings might prove a hefty challenge right now, but I'll play it by ear. 
I have nothing of interest to talk more about, so here's hoping your week is going well!  More snow possible for tomorrow, I am beginning to think Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor!


  1. A ROUTINE, will "surface"...soon enough.
    *Wishing you all, well! :)

  2. And..."YES," you're right...a "sick" sense of humor; ISN'T even the WORD! (I would use ;)


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