Damn Pizza!

Boy did I have to dig deep today!  There has been a lot going on inside of me lately, and in the chaotic swirl of introspection, my weight issues always bubble to the surface.  A month ago, I was so on top of all of this, absolutely no doubts in my mind about any of it, thinking this was all so easy.  I am learning the frustrating way, beginning the journey toward fitness doesn't fix the rest of the things that are out of place in your life, and if you let your happiness lie solely on what you see in the mirror(or the number on the scale), there are bound to be plenty of days to bring you down.
Last week, the scale was creeping ever closer to 162, which would mark a 30-pound loss.  I was doing an extra cardio session every day, which actually improved my mood and gave me more energy, and as a result, my metabolism was roaring.  So on Friday, when we had our ritual, family cheat meal of Domino's Pizza, I didn't think anything of it.  In fact, I knew my body could handle it because I was doing so well.  Not true.  The next morning I woke up 4 pounds heavier!  Mostly water weight I assume, but still disheartening.  I even felt thicker, jigglier, blah.  My mood, as you might guess, left much to be desired, I didn't have as much energy, and even my temper flared more than usual.  My poor kids!  I only did one workout this weekend, on Saturday morning I did cardio.  By Sunday, I had gained another pound, all the way back up to 168.  I started to feel like things were slipping away on me, and thoughts of eating junk flooded over me.  I was able to control myself, and didn't eat junk, but it was another thing to make me feel disappointed and frustrated.  Why am I having this struggle all of the sudden?
Well, part of the weight was due to the eating of mega doses of sodium right before bed.  Friday's pizza and Saturday's cottage cheese with green olives were poor bedtime meal choices.  In fact, there is so much sodium in cottage cheese, that I have eliminated it from my menu for the time being, and will use it as an occasional treat.  I spent a good deal of time looking through my South Beach Diet book to find ideas of other things I could eat, that would have less sodium, and found some great recipes that will breathe a little life in my stale menu.
This morning's weight was 166.  Since I ate that damn pizza, my metabolism hasn't been the same.  I slept through the night all weekend.  So, this week, along with my lower-sodium menu, I will try to rev that metabolism back up by continuing to do an extra session of cardio each day and drinking more water/fluids.  I have also added some shoulder moves into my weight workout, and am doing them as a super-set.  Wow, are my arms trashed today!  While I was working out today, I felt so good, happy and confident.  I kept looking at my muscle, face and body in the mirror and thinking, I look cute.  And it wasn't because I was trying to convince myself of it, but because I honestly felt it.  Yes, I still have work to do, but I've already got a lot going for me.  Genetics being a biggie.  I have always wanted muscular arms, shoulders with the separation and definition.  I have the genetics to make that happen, I already have some great things starting there.  Working out in front of a mirror is a really great motivator.  The things you don't like about yourself will be right there in your face, daring you to try and make them go away, and the things you do like SHINE.  It was the workout that brought my focus back, not the scale.  And that is the way it should be. 
After a shakey start this morning, I am feeling FANTASTIC, and hope you are too!


  1. Good on you for not letting that keep you down!! Sometimes if I am going to declare a cheat night (especially with pizza - a weakness for sure!! And yep the sodium is a killer) I will eat a big salad first, and then I only have room for a smaller amount of the "junk."

    Have a great week!


  2. I've only eaten Domino's twice and both times I had to drink about two pints of water afterwards as I had a raging thirst because of all the salt. Pizza Express do a pizza called Legara which has the a hole in the middle filled with salad. Ask for dressing on the side, though.

  3. Papa Murphy's (fresness ;) "thin delight!" saves me...And, YES...A LARGE SALAD, TOO! ;p

  4. Last Friday, I ordered pizza for my kids but made this amazing baked salmon with a romaine salad on the side for me and my husband. It was so delicious, we didn't want the pizza at all. I think that's the key for me - giving up the pizza completely and eating really decadently delicious healthy things every day. Good luck!

  5. Tony: That pizza sounds great, but unfortunately we don't have that in my tiny little city. I'm so deprived!

    Bittersweet: Yes, Papa Murphy's is good, but part of the fun of pizza night is, it is one meal I DON'T have to cook. If I am going to go to the trouble to bake it, I might as well make it from scratch and make it healthier. Unfortunately, it never tastes as good that way!

    Tonja: I allow myself one cheat meal per week, because it speeds up your metabolism. But I agree, healthy foods that are seasoned properly can be extremely satisfying. Thanks for the comment!


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