Just You Try to Stop Me!

In one of my previous blogs I said that I felt like the universe was rushing into me, because for the first time in my life, I was open to it.  Then, I let my personal life overwhelm me, and it carried over across the board.  Well, I finally feel the universe rushing in again.  Or maybe it is just strength.  And joy.  And the confidence of knowing I can do anything.  The truth is, I feel even stronger now than I did before it happened.  I am unstoppable!
Yesterday's running is part of why I feel so strong.  Not because I ran a marathon, but because I made a goal I wasn't sure I could acheive, and I conquered it.  And I am wearing my sore muscles like a badge, chest all puffed out like a goofy kid, with a goofy grin to match.  And this morning when I started my cardio walk, it was supposed to be low intensity (burns more fat) but I kept having to remind myself to slow down because my positive mood is giving me so much energy I can hardly contain it.  The cardio helped a little with the sore muscles, so it was a win-win. 
I decided to try and make poached eggs for the first time yesterday.  I haven't ever tried them, and I had this misconception that they were terribly difficult to make.  I did them perfect the first time, and they were delicious.  Score!
I had a huge "duh" moment on Wednesday, which has led to a few switches in my diet yet again.  Before I ate the pizza last Friday, I was 163, then I went up to 168 by Sunday, and since then have been at 166.  It is really unusual that my weight would stay unfluctuating all week, so I took a look at my diet.  Now, South Beach does not encourage calorie counting or analyzing each little macronutrient, they just tell you what you can and can't eat.   But I was curious, so I logged everything I ate for Wednesday.  To my surprise the changes I made to my diet this week, actually added a whole heap of sodium and calories to my diet.  The whole wheat tortilla wraps (which I thought would be healthier than bread) were a whopping 660 mg of sodium for one!  And I was eating 2 a day some days.  Anyway, after seeing the breakdown, I made some crucial changes to my diet, and reduced my sodium by more than 3,000 mg yesterday (yes, you read that right!).  The result?  I get to eat greek yogurt (which I am convinced is from the Gods) and a three pound weight loss overnight!  It just goes to show, just because something is touted as being "healthy" doesn't make it so.  And, even though you don't have to analyze things to a hair, it's best to be proactive and investigate, especially if the scale isn't moving. 
While I was doing my strength training today, I felt so much stronger.  My mind-muscle connection was just 'on' today, and I got some great pumps.  I love it when that happens!  During my workout I noticed that one of my ugliest spots (inner thighs) is starting to tighten up nicely, and I just about shouted out.  It is a spot I wasn't sure would get better, it's been pretty saggy for a long time.  The weight training made my stiff muscles (from the run) feel much better.  In the past, those sore muscles would have been a convenient excuse to skip my strength training today, but I didn't even let that be an option.  I wasn't going to work that hard yesterday, just to slack today.  That would be self-defeating.
Another positive thing that happened last night, is that my husband and I finally got a little quality time to have a conversation.  He has been working 12 days straight, mostly 10-hour shifts, and still hasn't relented on his grueling gym schedule, so I have hardly seen him, which was one of the reasons for my foul mood lately.  Anyway, he told me that seeing me change my body has changed his whole view on overweight people.  Previously, he was certain that if a person was overweight to a certain extent, that they were never going to change.  Pretty cynical, but as far as the (middle-aged, overweight) guys he works with, it has pretty much been true.  But since I have shown him that it can be done, his eyes are being opened a little.  He told me how proud he is of me, and that when people ask him for weight loss advice, he tells them how I'm doing it the South Beach way, and doing it on my own.  I felt so proud when he said that, and it only inspired me to push even harder.  And maybe someday, I will help someone else with their journey.  Who better to do that, than someone who's been there?  There was a job posting for a Jenny Craig consultant, and I am actually thinking about applying for it.  That might be a career I would be happy doing.  Just a thought.
I sent out 4 more resumes today, so I'm hoping to hear something from those employers.  It is sad how many hours I spend seeking out jobs to apply for, writing tedious cover letters, and waiting by the phone, to no avail.  I did, however contact the HR contact for the Prevea (optician) job I interviewed for a month ago, and she said they are still reviewing the candidates, but I should know about the position by the end of next week.  At least there's still a chance.  That is the one I am really crossing my fingers for.
I have been listening to more reggae music lately, which connects me to a peaceful time in my life, when I first started to explore the Rastafarian life.  I have missed that spirituality, and have begun incorperating it back into my life.  Funny thing is, my husband just admited he is doing the same thing right now, and among all the other things he's got on his plate right now, he wants to become and official member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  So many things opening up in our lives right now, I can feel something really positive on the horizon.  It's already positive.
We have a pregnant Mourning Dove and her partner making their nest in the rafters of our patio.  It may seem like a small thing, but it feels like we have been 'chosen', and I'm proud to host them.  Besides, it those little chance happenings that make life so rich, right?
Well, that was a whole bunch of miscellaneous babble today, I guess that's the mindset I am in!  It's going to be a gorgeous weekend here, complete with thunderstorms and 70 degree temps (I love rain!)  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Yes, Ma'am...there are all kinds of "things," we all need to become AWARE of, in the area(s) of health. *Sodium...is yet another.* Good job, "realizing" that one,(for yourself) on your own...just, be sure...to still get "some." I know, of others; who have "issues," w/ it getting TOO low...as well.


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