Neon and Leotards

Oh have I forgotten about the challenges of finding decent, affordable daycare.  We had it so good when I was working before, but unfortunately our old babysitter is no longer doing daycare.  I am happy to be having a reason to seek out daycare, so I am not going to complain.
I did a little running this morning, incorporated into my high-intensity interval cardio, one minute running, 30 seconds walking for 10 intervals.  It felt good, and that one minute interval is getting easier.   So sometime this weekend or next week, I am going to challenge myself to run as long as I can, just to see where I'm at.  It will be interesting.  I have started a wish list of things I want to purchase once the paychecks start rolling in and new running shoes and a treadmill are at the top of that list.  I can't wait to pick them out.
I must admit, since I found out I am going to be going back to work, my fitness journey has taken a bit of a back burner out of necessity, but I haven't faltered, and have stayed on track, I've just been thinking about it a little less than usual. 
Today I was browsing through the thrift shops and came across the book "Stop the Insanity" by Susan Powter.  Remember that book?  I think everyone on the planet tried Susan Powter's method for a while.  I had 3 work out videos, two books and a cookbook.  I have always loved reading weight loss books, because they gave me such tremendous hope and inspiration.  Seeing someone else doing it gives me hope that I can too. I guess that's why all the weight loss shows like Heavy and Biggest Loser are so popular.  It was quite an interesting trip through the mental anals though, thinking back to the days before there were shreds and bootcamps, and it was just ridiculously-dressed ladies and effeminate men in leotards doing aerobics in a neon-lit studio.  It conjurs up images of Olivia Newton John.  Fitness has come a long, long way, baby!  And I'm glad to be on the wagon, for what its worth! 
Well, with the holiday festivities approaching, I may not be back until Monday, so, Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Do I...our trip, to hopes to see her. ;p *I have Tony Little, on VHS...ha, ha, ha! ;()
    You, will find something. So happy, for be, out of the "slump." @ least, you've had this "journey" to focus on; &, keep you progressing, in a positive way.
    *You will be "great."


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