Taking Flight

That thing that was eating at me has been resolved, and my energy and mood have skyrocketed today!  I learned from this challenge, that it weakened me mentally and physically, but did not break me.  And, what I was asking of another, I was not giving.  Long story short, I feel fantastic today, and that is a blessing!
The kids had a late start day for school, so it was nice to leisurely lull about this morning and take our time getting ready for school.  I think this morning's temperatures were the warmest morning temps since last Fall, so the boys decided they wanted to walk to the bus stop.  It's only a block away, but most mornings we are running late and Israel walks at a snail's pace, so we usually end up driving.  Along the way, the boys decided they wanted to run, so we ran nearly all the way off the property and to the bus stop.  Running felt so good to me.  After Israel got on the bus, I challenged Zach to a race back home, where we spent about another half hour outside, waiting for his bus, and it felt so good to be outside in the warmer weather.  It has me making plans for the summer.  And what an awesome summer it's going to be, now that I don't feel like I have to completely cover every inch of skin on my body in shame.
For my weight session, I challenged myself to complete it in half the time, by taking shorter rests between sets and doing some of the moves as more of a concentrated manner.  Wow, my body is feeling the difference!  That shoulder super-set I added is really effective at completely exhausting the muscles group.  After my weight session, I went for a walk outside, and did 35 minutes of intense cardio walking.  While I was walking, I was noticing how much my fitness level has improved.  A few months ago, if I had walked at today's pace, I would have been sucking wind.  Today, I felt like my body wanted to take flight, as if I almost couldn't walk fast enough.  I am feeling the momentum shifting toward running.  The only thing that is stopping me at this point is the embarassment of what my body is doing when I am running.  My stomach still has so much fat/flab there that it "flaps" when I run, complete with a slapping noise.  Yikes, can't believe I just put that out there, but there it is, and I don't know what to do about it.  Part of me thinks, there's a reason you don't see very many obese people running.  But, why shouldn't we be able to?  Surely there must be a solution, I just don't know much about the sport, so I am starting from scratch.  So, if any of my lovely readers have any info or suggestions, I would be gratful.  I'm not thinking about running marathons or anything, just running for fitness.  There have been so many times where I would dream (during sleep) about running, and my heart always felt so warm and good, and there was always a smile on my face.  In my dreams I always felt like I was gliding when I ran.  So, I took it to mean that I was meant to be a runner, but I always thought you had to already be fit to be a runner, so I never took it up.  I think I might be ready. 
I tested my blood pressure today, and it is getting a little on the low end, 109/72.  I might be able to get off some of these meds soon, which has been one of my biggest goals in this journey.  All positive things happening.
Sorry my blog has been so negative lately.  I'm so happy to be happy again.  And I'm really proud that I didn't let it ruin everything I've worked for.  Thanks for being awesome readers, and thanks for the support and comments!  Happy hump day!


  1. Possibly wearing a compression top when you are running. This will stop stuff slapping around however you may be self concious of your body shape. Just remember there is nothing embarrassing about someone exercising, it shows they are taking control and doing something about it.

  2. Yes, if we all, "worried" about what others thought of our "jiggling" NO ONE...would "MOVE!" There in...lyes, the "purpose." "BE FREE" ... that IS...what you're "tryin'" to do!?!

  3. Tony: Thanks for that, you always know just the right thing to say!

    Bittersweet: Thank you. Inspiring as it is, there are some things that aren't mean to be free. If too much goes flapping around, one might end up putting an eye out or something!

  4. Well...I didn't "mean" it, LITERAL!?! (Though, I'm sure...you "knew," what I was gettin' at... ;) ;p


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