Clean Eating and the Dreaded Scale

11/15/16 Forgot to publish yesterday.  Story of my life!
On a whim, I stepped on a scale today at work.  I just wanted to know where I was because I have had a few moments of doubt lately.  Not that I don't think how I am going about this isn't way healthier than in the past, but just...I have felt that maybe that concrete way of tracking progress was missing.  I am at 191, with a random, mid-day weigh in.  Before I started cleaning things up I saw an equally random 203 on the scale.  I can tell in certain areas, actually a little bit all over, but especially my face, shoulders and stomach.  I do have to remind myself that this will be a slow, life-long process, not just a get-down-to-a-certain-weight-then-maintain type of thing.  I don't have a "goal weight" or a pants size I want to get to, I am going to let my body rest where it naturally wants to with the food I'm eating and the amount of activity I am doing.  I am reconnecting with my body in a way, listening to its signals.  Like today, it is telling me I didn't hit my mark with water consumption yesterday and I feel like I need to drink oceans to make up for it.  Especially with the heat on now, it makes my entire body feel dry.  I notice things more now, hunger signals, even signals to eat more some days and eat lighter others, and get more nutrients.  I am really enjoying my mexican chopped salad I'm having for lunch this week.  It is loaded with good stuff, it looks good and tastes great.
I put a little bit of seasoning on it (Perfect Pinch Mexican spice) and a dollop of sour cream, some Taco Bell verde sauce and some guacamole if I'm feeling punchy.  Very satisfying, the fiber from the black beans and the fats keep me feeling full longer.  It tastes good as is, but I might flavor some meatless beef crumbles with taco seasoning and add it in sometime.  It saved me from being so bored with the same old salad.  I do get bored of salads fairly easily so I am going to have to rotate things by the week I think.  How often do you change your menu?  My husband can go years at a time eating the same thing for lunch, then hit a wall and switch.  I can usually go for 1-2 weeks before I need a break from a certain food.  Figuring out what to eat can be such a chore for me that I almost dread it, but it's a necessary evil.
Well, after being 2 days into lower carb and higher vegetables, I can't really say if I feel that much different.  Granted, I wasn't going crazy with carbs before, I was having a couple more servings of grains per day.  I generally feel good either way, but I think feeling tired is just a normal part of my life now.  I am suspecting it's hormonal, I am taking a supplement to help, but I just figure, it is what it is.  It will be interesting to see where my bloodwork is next month though.  I have been having trouble keeping my vitamin D3 levels up to normal levels.  It sucks getting old, eh?
If nothing else, I am getting more nutrients in my diet.  Let's hope that's making my heart happy!  Now if I could just commit as easily to exercise...


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