Giving Monday some Love

11-7-16. Oh Blogger, why didn't you post my blog?
So here we are back in the weekday groove!  Weekends, to me, are very much like food; I look forward to it as if it will be the best thing to ever happen to me, but when I'm in the moment, it seems like I can't get a good piece of that bliss I thought would be there.  I do enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, but lately I have been noticing that the amount of sleep I'd like to get makes me feel groggy and crabby when I actually get it.  So I've resigned myself to being OK with being up early'ish on the weekends.  Besides, I have way too much to get done to sleep til 8am, even though my mind tells me I should.  And that is part of my problem, I don't rest enough.  I will say though, my husband has been helping with the dog a lot lately and that has been so appreciated; makes me feel a little spoiled. 
My son and my boss both caught a nasty headcold on Friday, and I have been battling a scratchy throat, but I have really amped up my vitamin consumption, so I think I might have a chance at avoiding catching it.  Sometimes I wonder if it silly, the amount of vitamins I take every day, but at the medical clinic I work in, there is closed-circuit TV that runs health related news items throughout the day(Accent Health), and they stated that people who take a probiotic every day are 35% less likely to get a virus that they are exposed to.  I figured it can't hurt.  So, I am taking a ton of vitamin C plus a bunch of other vitamins daily, I have upped my dose of C for now until everyone is feeling better.  Working in a health facility, I am exposed to a plethora of germs; can't be too careful.
I really did make a feeble attempt at resting this weekend, but it didn't quite pan out.  Saturday was grocery day, no big deal, but it is time-consuming.  I wanted to get some clothes shopping done because I had an event that afternoon, but I didn't end up having enough time, so I tried on a few things from my closet and after feeling tired and unattractive, I put on something comfortable but slightly trendy and went.  My husband became a Shriner and I was there for the ceremony and got to put his fez on him.  I think it's beyond wonderful what the Shriners and their hospitals do for kids, and it was nice to be in the company of compassionate people.  I did feel a little out of place because some of the other women there were dressed up and I was dressed down a little, even wore Converse kicks, but I was told it was casual so I tried not to stress out.  I think some women just naturally like to dress up like that.  What mattered is that it meant a lot to my husband.  Here's a picture we took after:
After we got home, I was just feeling a little extra tired, felt like I was going to catch that cold.  I decided that pizza sounded good, so we ordered and I ate 2 pieces and some bread bites.  It was warm and gooey and good.  I ate more pizza throughout the weekend, spinach and feta, my favorite.  I didn't feel fantastic or bad, I didn't ruminate about it, I just ate it and moved on with life. 
Sundays I do like to try and relax.  I knew I had laudry to do, and I wanted to pick up the house since we'd had it looking so good last weekend and it was already looking a little crazy.  My husband gets wanderlust though, and I can't really blame him; the weather was absolutely gorgeous, there are still a bunch of colorful leaves all over, and he doesn't get every weekend off, so it was a perfect opportunity to get out.  I got my chores done while he went to the gym, then we headed north on the bay and stopped at a few parks by the water.  It really was beautiful, and in it's own way, rejuvenating.  I recalled how much I used to adore fall.  Just the same, as we headed back home the sun began setting so prematurely, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, and the painted sunset faded to dark crayon-scribbles against the slate sky, and the oncoming headlights made me sleepy.  It was a fun weekend, but it still made me yawn.  And maybe that's way better than yawning on a Sunday night from being in the house doing nothing all day.  My perspective has been known to be out of whack before so I don't count anything out these days. 
My eating could have been better over the weekend, but I still haven't had any sweets, and I'm not craving them right now.  I try not to get all stressed out over eating this or not eating that, other than the sweets.  My diet was fat and salt heavy and I felt heavy in more ways than one after eating that way.  Big wake up call for my body, and not something I want to consistently do.  It's easier to learn that lesson when I am judging it by how I feel not how it tastes or what it does to my mood.  I used to think I was carb-sensitive and maybe I am, but I know the bloating I get from eating too much salt makes me feel pretty blah.  In some ways, getting back to my planned food during the week makes my life super easy, no choices, no drama, feel fine afterword.  My lack of planning on the weekends makes me reach for convenience things or add stuff on that doesn't need to be there.  Having a bean burrito?  Why not add a few tortilla chips on the side.  Having a light healthy dinner of quinoa, veggies and tofu?  A handful of popcorn will give me a little extra fat and fiber to help me feel fuller longer.  I will say, when I do have a few chips or a little popcorn, it truly is just that, a taste of something, a handful.  I am easier to satisfy now than I've ever been.  I rarely even have to deal with stress about food, whether in the form of cravings or rumination.  I like what I eat now.  I like how it makes me feel and that it will help me not just now but for the long haul.  That is really very non-dramatic, and uncharacteristic of me.  Maybe that means I am finally on the right track! 
Hello Monday, I think I can learn to love you afterall!


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