Rainy Days and Monday's

Today was a rainy day and a Monday and temperatures dropped considerably since last week's beautiful 60's and sunny days. The bleakness of the day matches my didn't-sleep-well grog and it had my spirits a lot more down-to-earth today.  I still got a micro-workout in while my breakfast was cooking (walking around my apartment for about 15 minutes.  I was so hungry I couldn't walk any longer.  
Everyone seemed to be in the same slump I was in, everyone yawning and just more mellow today.  Even Joel wasn't his usual smiley self, and I wondered if he was just tired too or if something was wrong.  Then I ran through the what ifs in my head, what if he was scoping my Facebook page and discovered I'm married?  What if he met someone over the weekend?  What if he just doesn't see what he saw anymore?  My big fat answer to myself was, WhO cArEs?!!  The message of the situation has very little to do with this man and so much to do with me, how I see myself and not just because my hair turned out good and I have killer glasses that make me look mysterious and hip.  I felt "flat" today all day, must be the lack of restful sleep.  
Today marked a week since starting to eat better and work out.  I haven't had any cravings to speak of, and it feels pretty easy for me right now because I
I'm not bored with the food. I can tell a difference in how my knee feels, it is much less swollen and hurts less.  And I can tell a difference in my face already.  
Things are slowly heading in a good direction.  It's sad that it took someone else looking at me in admiration to see someone worth fixing, but the purpose of the crush has been put to good use.  


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