Sundays are Like that

Today was a pretty low-key day around my house.  I took care of a few errands and got a haircut, did some housework and spent time with my kids.  My husband was forced to work so he was tired when he got home, and when he looked like he was about to doze off around 4pm, I really wanted to do the same, I was so sapped of energy (first day of Monthly Disaster).  But I decided that if I was going to get a walk in, I'd better do it before it got too late or I knew I wouldn't feel like doing it at all.  And once I allow myself to not do it once, that laziness builds upon itself in my case.  So I went.  I originally had intensions of a mellow pace and a shorter distance, but once I felt the sun shining on me, smelled all the charcoal grills cooking, and heard some upbeat music, I found myself walking to that park again, a 2.4 mile round trip walk.  I was tired but much more alert after, and it lifted my mood a little.  
I have struggled with keeping my weekends "clean" in the past, letting one cheat meal turn into a whole day or weekend of cheating and sneaking,  but I'm happy to say that I have been squeaky clean except for my planned cheat meal on Friday.  The vitality I've gained back already is an astounding contrast to where I was a month ago.  I don't really have plans to weigh myself or fuss over the ups and downs of the story the scale tells.  I don't have that kind of drama in me anymore.  This is about doing things that make me feel good, feel more alive, and I'm starting to feel that more everyday.  Thank Fate for Elliot smiling at me like I was worth a look.  Ai think it's going to be a pretty awesome summer! 


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