Sleep, Finally

Well my last post told my woeful story of lacking sleep, and I would love to say that night went better, but it was actually worse, with me getting only about 4 broken hours of sleep.  I felt pretty drained at work.  Elliot came earlier than usual and I let my imagination take over and convince me that he changed his time so he doesn't miss me on my lunch break.  I was with a customer when he walked through, but he looked kind of sad or disappointed and I wish I would have had a chance to talk to him.  The rest of my day was mellow as I tried to stay awake.  By the time I got home I was already starting to get that not-enough-sleep headache.  I knew a walk wasn't going to happen.   I helped the kids with homework, took a hot bath and watched a couple episodes of The Office with my husband.  I laughed really hard at one point and it reminded me how good it feels to do, and how long it's been.  I finally slept good last night.  Finally!  
Today I felt like I looked good, I felt good, especially since I kept thinking it was Friday.  I was pretty busy with customers today, and I was with a customer when he Elliot came through, but this time as he passed by he made eye contact with me and smiled so warmly!  I rode on that all day ( he came early again, I'll be delighted if it stays this way).  
I had planned a walk tonight, but my husband had a meeting tonight and my son took 3 hours to do homework so it was after 8pm, and dishes still had to get done.  So, not much happening this week for walks, I may have to start getting up early to make sure I can get it in.  Still, I am eating squeaky clean and starting to see results already.  I am getting unwanted attention with the wanted, some of the guys who I catch checking me out are my dad's age!  Yuck!  But I am happy that I feel good.  The rest is just some small details!


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