I watched another episode of "Heavy" on A&E last night.  Man, that's a good show.  It is so interesting and addictive; so uplifting and inspirational.  One thing I am noticing, and have noticed on Biggest Loser as well, is how hard they work these people.  Granted, they are doing this on TV, and the results have to be dramatic or else who would watch, right?  But, seeing how hard these people are working is bringing up so many thoughts, some of them conflicting.
First of all, without even thinking, the thought came into my head that maybe I'm not working hard enough, maybe that's why I am having such a hard time getting past the sticking point.  I allowed myself to ponder that for a bit.  Here's how I answered myself.  When you are obese and pretty much do zero activity, the weight falls off pretty easily when you first transition to a healthy lifestyle.  The more weight you have hanging off you, the less effort you have to exert (at least, in the beginning).  Losing weight too quickly increases the chances of having that really disgusting loose, hanging skin.  I do not want loose, hanging skin, but I also don't want to be in the high 170's forever either. 
So where is the balance?  I admit that I had a weak moment on Sunday and allowed myself to eat way more peanut butter than I should have, and that was after my quasi-cheat meal on Saturday night.  And I skipped both of my workouts on Sunday (weights and cardio).  This type of activity(or lack thereof)  is what got me to 223 lbs in the first place (my all-time high).  I didn't dwell on my careless behavior, I just turned the fun bus around as soon as I was done with my little indulgence.  I have been on track since then, though yesterday was only a short session of moderate-to-high level intesity interval cardio.  Twenty minutes in the morning and I was done.  Very little effort goes into that workout, but it does get my heart pumping like mad.  Then I wonder, should I be sweaty?  And another question follows, is it possible for me to sweat, being on diuretics?  Of course it is, I get sweaty from my weight training, especially this circuit training.  Something to consider and ask my husband about.  Did I mention how lucky I feel to have my own personal fitness expert in my home?  And I don't even have to pay him!  I have tried to convince him to start his own blog, as a Q & A/ fitness advice page, but so far, no go.
I have been trying to stave off a family cold lately, and have woken up feeling like death the past three days.  I have the worst sinus pressure ever, and a headache that makes me nauseous, my eyes burn as if there is sidewalk salt directly in them.  Just lousy.  I was yawning so much this morning that my 5 year old told me, "I think you should have a nap once I get on the bus."  He assured me that he gets tired in the mornings as well, it was so sweet.  Ironically, the one thing that relieved a little bit of the pressure in my head this morning, was the brisk air outside.  So once I got my little cuties on their busses, I went for a walk outside.  It was 23 degrees this morning, which is still really stinking cold, but much warmer than it has been lately.  I walked less than 15 minutes before the reality of the temperature set in and I had to seek out some heat, but it made my head feel slightly tollerable.  I can't wait for spring!  I am giving some thought to the idea of turning my most high-intensity portion of my interval cardio into running instead of walking.  It will depend on how my achilles tendons handle it.  I have also been planning on touring the gyms of Green Bay, using the free trial memberships to see which one I'd like to join.  We'll see about all that.
I have a butt-kicking session of circuit training to get through today, and I will probably finish with a 15 minute session of cardio, because I don't think my morning walk did enough.  I realize that I have to up the ante if I am going to get that scale moving again.  If I continue to lose focus of the dream, I will have nothing motivating me, and I deserve better than that!


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