Hot in Herre

I recently told my husband that I don't think I am going to acheive my goal by the time the contest closes.  I was really just trying to be a realist, but wasn't prepared to overthink anything.  After asking me a few questions about my diet, which has been pretty clean, he said very matter-of-factly that it is time to start doing more cardio if I want the scale to move.  From the minute those words left his lips I was making the ewww face.  I get bored enough doing my interval walking inside my house, now I have to do even more of it? 
I let that stew for a couple days.  Yesterday I made the horrible choice of saving my workout til later in the evening, when the kids were home and begging for attention.  It was not easy, Zach kept trying to lay under the chair that I was doing step-ups on, and I had to try and avoid crushing him on the way down, which is harder than it sounds given my being balance-challenged.  But, I got through it and once again, had a great workout despite not really wanting to do it.  Afterwords I started thinking about what my husband said and thinking about how hard I had just exerted myself with my weight training.  Why would I put that much effort into one part of the formula and slack on another?  I realized by not taking my husband's advice I was cheating myself out of the results I was longing for.  More cardio.  More calories torched.  Makes sense.
So this morning, after I got the kids on the bus, I cranked up some jams and danced.  It is the most enjoyable form of cardio for me.  Not only does dancing take me back to my "clubbing days" and a multitude of awesome memories, but also makes me feel happy and confident.  And if I am being totally honest, even a little bit sexy. (shh!)  I mean it, the next time you are alone in your house, put on Nelly's "Hot in Herre" and dance like you are ashamed to admit you know how to.  You will feel amazing.  And dancing is something you can do even if you are like me, balance-challenged. 
I only meant to dance for a half hour, but the iPod kept serving up song after song that I simply couldn't resist, and before I knew it, nearly 50 minutes had passed.  I guess I found an enjoyable form of cardio that I think I can stick to.  And, yes, I was red-faced and sweaty when I was done, just as I used to be in the clubs!  I guess I am OK with exchanging a little bit of my morning in front of the boob tube with some good old fashioned mood boost with a side of heightened self-esteem.  I am actually looking forward to tomorrow's session.
Is it hot in herre or is it just me?


  1. Good choice, of song! *I always, say...I can't "do" cardio.* But, I (used to be able to ;)dance. ;p


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