Monday Again?

I am beginning to love Wednesdays, and loathe Mondays.  I am noticing a bizzare trend of weight loss on Wednesday and regain by Monday.  Today I was back up to 179 after reaching an all-time low of 176 on Wed.  That is after doing extra cardio last week. 
I did have a "cheat" meal on Saturday night, when my father-in-law asked to watch the kids for a while, to give my husband and I a few hours to ourselves.  I was all geared up to have sushi, easily my favorite food, and so clean.  There are currently only two sushi restaurants in Green Bay, and we chose the more upscale one since it was close to the movie theater we were planning on going to afterword.  There was a long line and a wait.  Plan B was my other favorite cuisine, Indian.  There is a fantastic restaurant called Tast of India in Green Bay, that is hidden away a little.  We arrived there after passing restaurant after restaurant so packed full, the wait time was over one hour just to get a table.  Taste of India was able to seat us immediately, and in my opinion, the food there is 100 times better than any of those packed-full restaurants we passed up along the way.  The smell of all the slow-cooked spices alone was worth the visit, but the food was such a treat that I felt like I was indulging when really it was very healthy.  I had Chicken Bhuna, which is chicken breast in a wonderfully spiced tomato, onion and pepper sauce.  My body was humming afterword, all the spices awakened my senses.  I skipped the white rice and just ate the Bhuna, because I did indulge in two pieces of garlic nan bread, which was the best I've tasted, and I've had my share of Indian food.  The service was really pleasant, the food was piping hot.  What a fantastic change of plans!  I told myself right then, while sipping my darjeerling tea, that any weight gain from this meal was worth it!
After dinner we saw the movie "Black Swan" and it only added to the heightened the senses.  Overall, a nice evening out.  The weight gain was worth it.  I also skipped my workout yesterday due to feeling hungover (even though I hadn't had anything to drink) and on the verge of catching a cold.  Back on track today, gonna see if I can't get that scale back down by next Monday!  Hope everyone is on pace to have a successful week!


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