Cha Cha Cha!

My husband started his pre-contest diet for his body building contest he's competing in this spring.  He started a little more than a week ago and has lost 12 pounds already.  He has an insane metabolism, and the only reason he has weight to lose in the first place is because he has been consuming an almost inhumane amounts of food (clean food) in order to add muscle.  He knows I've been stuck on this stupid plateau for a few weeks now so I always jokingly tell him to quit bragging.  Well last night when we were discussing it I proudly told him, "Yeah, well I did my two sessions of cardio today, so there!"  He looked at me like I was insane.  "Why two?"
"Um, cuz you said I have to start doing more cardio in order to see results."
He meant that I should add an extra cardio session to my non-cardio days so that I am doing some form of cardio each day.  We had a bit of a chuckle over that. 
Today was my day to weight train.  Now, I have heard conflicting things about the best time to do cardio.  A lot of folks say it is best to do it in the morning before you eat (has to do with what your body is using as fuel/burning more fat), but I have also read that doing cardio immediately after weight training torches fat too.  I asked my husband, whom I consider an expert in fitness-related matters, and he said both are really effective, but that he gives the edge to morning cardio.  So, even though I was starving, I went ahead and did cardio.  My first attempt was ridiculous, I admit.  My digital cable has a lot of free on-demand exercise videos, so I tried a dance video that was supposed to help you sweat by teaching you how to dance latin.  Ooh la la, saucy!  I could only participate in such ridiculousness for ten minutes.  As you might imagine, I was trying so hard to catch what they were teaching that I couldn't really participate enough to raise my heart rate.  And, it wasn't saucy at all.  So I reverted back to my old stand by, dancing to my iTunes library.  After a half hour I was sweaty and in good spirits again.  Doing this kind of cardio is actually enjoyable, and I always have to convince myself to stop, because the music gets me high.  Today though, my stomach made the decision easier.  'Feed me now or I will slow down your metablolism!' It growled.
I did my weight training today, and it actually took me less than 30 minutes to do three complete circuits.  That is the first time since I began this new plan.  I had to throw in a few lunges today because my knee was bothering me again, and they worked as magically as ever, knee feels great now!  Lunges kick my butt, but they are awesome for my overall health!
I'm not feeling too chatty today, got a lot of house work to do before my father-in-law comes to watch the kids for us tomorrow night.  There are really some great advantages to living near family!


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