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Monday again, and my weigh in isn't the huge success I thought it would be earlier in the week, but a loss nonetheless.  178 today, not too shabby.  That marks a 14 pound loss since beginning the South Beach Diet November 29.  The reason I am enjoying these 14 pound so much is because they are stacked on top of prior losses in the past year, and cumulatively add up to a 36 pound loss over a year's time.  Not earth-shattering, but moving in the right direction!
That being said, I am starting to have doubts about achieving my goal by the end of the contest.  I was just assuming that if I kept on track with my diet and exercise that I would continue losing 1-2 pounds per week, which would put me well ahead of schedule.  I knew I would hit plateaus, but I didn't expect one this early on, and to last this long.  I'm OK with it, as long as I am still moving in the right direction.
I didn't have any cheat meals this week/weekend, and honestly didn't even think of it.  I also didn't skip any workouts this week.  I overcame all my obstacles and just focused on my goal.  This weight workout is kicking my butt a little, so I know it will lead to positive results, it's just a matter of time!  I am trying hard to keep my mind focused on everything I do, particualrily to make the mind-muscle connection when I am working out.  I am finding that I have a stronger mind-muscle connection with my left half of my body than my right.  It is a strange sensation, and I wonder if anyone else has a similar experience.  Anyway, I promised I would share my workout in case anyone wants to follow along.  It is an article called "Oxygen's Beach Body Circuit 2010" and it is from the June 2010 issue.  For circuits you do all your exercises one right after the other without rest.  For this workout, you are told to aim for completing three complete circuits in thirty minutes.  That means you are really getting your heart rate up.  I admit, I take a few rests in between certain exercises to catch my breath.  I like this workout because you need very little equipment; some weights, a stability ball, and a kitchen chair.  The article claims, "Half an hour of weight-training circuits burns just as much fat as running at 10 miles per hour for an identical period of time."  So be prepared to work if you give this a try.  Here is the plan.  Be sure to Google the moves if you aren't sure how to do them, and modify where you need to so you don't get hurt!
1. Plie squat (8-10 reps)
2. Dumbbell row (10-12 reps)
3.  Alternating dumbell curl (10-12 reps)
4.  Dumbell step-up (due to poor balance, I do this without weights on my kitchen chair) (8-10 reps per leg)
5.  Flat-bench dumbbell chest press (I don't have a bench so I use a stability ball)(10-12 reps)
6.  Seated dumbell shoulder press (10-12 reps)
7.  Seated triceps extension (8-10 reps)
8.  Stiff-legged deadlift (8-10 reps)
9.  Cross-bench pullover (This one hurts my shoulder so I don't do it) (10-12 reps)
10.  Standing dumbbell cross-chest curl (10-12 reps)
I can tell you that in all my years of doing weight-bearing exercise (I have always enjoyed it much more than cardio!)  this workout really makes me hurt so good.  When your muscles are sore that means your workout was effective.  When muscles are pushed, they get tiny tears or rips, which leads to muscle growth.  (That's where that business of calling someone "ripped" came from).  So, don't be afraid of the soreness unless it is so painful that it inhibits normal activity.  Stretching afterword or 10-15 minutes of walking at a slow and even pace should help alleviate the soreness.  It does get less intense after the first few workouts.
So, here's to ripping muscle tissue and feeling good!  Hope you are accomplishing your goals, one workout at a time!


  1. One of the main points, is're doin' something, for YOU. ( mind, body, & spirit ;) The weight loss...comes, as a "BONUS!" ;p


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