I have felt thick-headed all day.  My muscles are stiff, including my tongue and smile muscles, my ears feel slightly stuffy, my sinuses feel very stuffy.  I feel like, if I didn't have anything better to do today, I could have just slept the entire day away.
But I did have something to do.  I finally had an interview today, and it was for a job in my field.  I think I did well, despite my thick head, I had to do very little talking, it was very informal and casual.  I think I have a decent chance of landing this one, which will be amazing.  It will be such a relief (financially and emotionally) to finally have a job again.  I have never been unemployed for this long, and without any other source of income.  It has been so hard for our family, but we are surviving.
My first attempt at cardio was this morning, as I usually do it before eating breakfast.  After ten clumsy minutes of trying to accomodate for a "loose" feeling knee and a thick head, I gave up.  That is really rare for me, usually once I've begun a workout, there's no turning back.  After my interview, I was on the fence about trying again, because I still felt all thick-headed and clumsy.  But, I stretched my stiff muscles out a bit and went outside to give it another go.  The sidewalks were littered with icy dangerous spots that threatened to turn my knee issues from minor irritation to major complication.  But, I did what I could safely do, and got a pretty decent workout out of it.  When I came back inside, I felt dizzy from the difference in temperature.  My head is still thick and slightly achey.  I think I need a nap.  At least, now that I followed through and did my cardio, I feel like I've earned one.


  1. Good job on pushing yourself to do the cardio! Hopefully you feel better soon.


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