Back in Service

I decided not to wait until Monday to get things back on track.  I did a bunch of house cleaning,  because it was seriously scarey in here, particularily dishes, which somehow never seem to shrink.  Then I took all the recyclables out.  Everything was all melty and the sun was peeking out from the clouds ever so slightly.  It made me feel so good, as if spring was here, despite it only being 28 degrees, so I decided that I wanted to get out and enjoy the mildish weather and go for a walk outside.  But today was weight day, so I had to get through my circuit training first.  I put myself through the wringer!  I had only missed two days of workouts, but it felt like a full week, my body just felt old and tired.  And, this was supposed to be the last day I did this workout, but I decided that since I wasn't ironclad in my resolve the past 4 weeks, that I can continue using the same workout with some modification.  I decided my modification would be, on my third circuit, to do each exercise to failure, instead of just stopping at 10 or 12, and then decided to put it into action right away today.  Wow, were my muscles PUMPED and shakey at the end!  And, my heart rate was going like crazy for that last circuit.  I followed up with a 25 minute walk outside.  I still had to be careful on the sidewalks because they are super slippery, but I got my walk in.  For being Superbowl Sunday, and this being Green Bay, it was relatively peaceful outside.  Glad I got to get some fresh air.
Even though my diet has been pretty much on track (I do tend to overindulge in the good fats), and my weight has been slightly down lately, I still feel like I took a step backwords by letting my workouts slide the past two days.  And eating 3 peices of Dominio's Pizza on Friday night. Which led me to the realization that, no matter what else I am doing right, I never feel fit and healthy unless I exercise.  It is a mental thing, I realize, but it sure goes a long way.
Now, we are getting ready to watch the Superbowl.  I just finished having a turkey burger with a side of cucumbers in balsamic vinegar with sea salt.  Israel, who is very impressionable, had a plate of the very same cucumbers.  We rarely ever watch the Superbowl, but even when we do, we don't make the ridiculus beer and cheese-laiden appetizers most people do.  I am happy that at least one of my boys is following my healthier eating habit.  Now if we could just have an intervention for Zach and his Barbeque Chicken Hot Pockets...Well, I'll take one out of two! 


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