Sorry for yesterday's bummer post.  I was so tired/flat/off yesterday, mentally and physically.  With lack of sleep, an ear infection looming, and my kids constant fighting, I allowed little things to get under my skin.  I even got a haircut to try and lift my mood, and since I cut off my dreadlocks in 2008, this is the first haircut I have actually liked right off the bat,without needing it to grow out.  Major triumph! 
When it came time for my weight training, I was debating whether or not to do it, being that my ears were(occassionally) crackling painfully when I swallowed, and just generally stuffed up.  I decided to not let myself off the hook, and did the workout.  The first two sets got me warmed up for quite possibly the hardest I've ever worked myself on my third set to failure.  When I got done, I felt nauseous, shakey, tired and grumpy, which is the opposite of how I usually feel after an awesome workout.  It really felt like it took the wind out of my already-droopy sails.  So, when my husband came home from work and asked me what we were going to do for the evening, I said, without hesitation, "Pizza and movies."  And so it was.  Well actually, pizza and DVR'd American Idol.  Domino's Pacific Veggie pizza is awesome.  Then again, what pizza isn't?  I had three peices of za and felt better for an hour of so, and then the sore throat and ear ache came on again.  Maybe I am overtraining.  It's not like I'm spending hours on end training, but when I do workout I really push myself.  Maybe I will skip my weight work tomorrow and just rest.  My ears are still crackling/painful today, but I did my intense interval cardio this morning just the same.  I will wait it out over the weekend, and if not better by Monday, I'll have to go to the doc again.  Blah! 
The pizza packed on a few pounds, of which I am hoping is mostly water (holy salt!).  Weigh-in and measurements coming in a few days!  Hoping I have positive results to report.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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