Holding Steady

I am holding steady at 172, which is really happy news for me, sinifying a 20 pound loss since I began on Nov 29th.  I look different, my clothes fit different, and I feel really good and happy.  I am not saying every day is easy, especially when the hormones start to fluctuate, but way easier than I imagined.  I am really happy that I haven't gained any weight this week, due to the absence of exercise.  It really goes to show you how important diet is when trying to lose weight.  Of course, you need the exercise to stimulate your metabolism and keep your heart, mind and bones healthy.  What good is fixing up the outside of your house if it's falling apart inside? 
I am slowly beginning to clear the bronchitis from my lungs, but even with an inhaler, there is still discomfort when taking deeper breaths.  I have decided to forgo exercise today, and just play it by ear each day.  When it stops being uncomfortable to breath deep, I will workout again.  I actually miss it, it really brightens my mood and makes me feel invincible.  I know that once I get back to it, it will be hard at first, but I will be able to get right back to where I was fairly quickly. 
This weekend my husband and I had a wonderful date night.  He is an apiring actor, so we dropped the kids at his mom's house for an evening of dinner and a play.  Dinner was our favorite food at our favorite restaurant, sushi from Little Tokyo.  The restaurant is in the most charming part of the city, where all sorts of artsy shops are housed in historic buildings with brilliant lighting and endless charm.  The sushi is out of this world, and we had a pretty impressive spread.  I had a pot of green tea with my four maki rolls, and it was really the first time in a long time that we had more than enough time to relax and enjoy our meal together without having to rush to get to our next stop.  I was feeling pretty lousy/tired from being sick, but I didn't let on because I knew this evening was important to my husband.  I was so relaxed after our dinner, that I almost didn't want to leave the table.  The playhouse is on the opposite side of the block from the restaurant, so we got there early and had a look around.  It was formerly a church, so the ceilings were high and impressive, and the atmosphere was quaint; you could almost feel the energy and nerves on stage before the actors came on.  We had great seats.  The play was great, some of the actors better than others, but it is community theatre after all.  My back was hurting high and low from dualing conflictions of bronchitis and menstrual cramps, so sitting in the tiny theatre seat for more than 2 hours was a bit tedious, but it was actually quite an enjoyable evening.  My husband's spirits were so high at the prospect of trying out for his first play in less than 2 weeks, we grabbed a script for him to practice and he is already "in touch" with the character he will audition for.  It is exciting to see him chasing his dream. 
Now for my dream.  My time for chasing this crazy goal is closing in.  Only 166 days left until the contest ends.  I am feeling less and less sure that I can reach my goal weight by then, but I am confident that, no matter what weight I am at, it is going to feel a lot better than 192.  Once I get back into position to workout, I am going to challenge myself to push harder, to see what I can do.  From time to time I forget the challenge I have presented myself with (the contest) and when I snap back into reality, it fires me up and drives me to see what I can accomplish. 
In my latest issue of Oxygen magazine I stumbled across two quotes that I really liked, so will share.
"The difference between try and triumph is just a little UMPH."  Marvin Phillip
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretzky
These are really inspirational to me, hope you enjoy them too!  Happy Valentine's Day!


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