Hunting for Treasure

Today was the first day this week that both of my kids are at school, so I finally have a few minutes to blog.  When I woke up this morning, I felt like thrifting, so I indulged.  There is little else that feels as good as finding a really unique treasure for an amazing price.  And, I have nearly NO clothes that actually fit me anymore, so I went with the dual purpose of finding clothes, and figuring out what size I really am.  I only ended up more confused.  Clothing sizes are so weird.  I fit into a wide range of sizes, and I didn't fit into an equally, and often overlapping, range of sizes.  I was confused.  I was pulling stuff off the shelf that I would never even bother to try before, just because of the size on the tag.  And there, in the midst of my adventure, I found my treasure!  A short-sleeve dress suit in my favorite color, black (fat girl uniform).  It was a size 14, and I thought to myself, yeah, right!  But, in the interest of seeing where I stood, I tried it on.  The skirt fit, and it even zipped and buttoned.  As I started to say Yeah,but...I stopped myself and made the decision that I truly loved this outfit and I was going to buy it for myself no matter how far away I was from fitting in it, and it would be incentive to keep pushing.  As I pulled on the top, I looked at myself in the mirror in amazement when I could not only get the top on, but buttoned.  Granted, the buttons aren't exactly happy, I still have a few more pounds to go before I can comfortably wear this outfit, but the fact is, I got a size 14 on me and it didn't rip or squish my arms out like dough bursting out of a pastry bag.  I think 10 more pounds should do it before this baby fits the way it should.  And, until then, it will power every workout.  This is one of the selfish reasons I have always had for wanting to lose weight, to be able to dress as cool as I feel my personality is. 
So, I am feeling a bit silly for taking photos of myself, it's not something I've done in the past.  God knows, I hated having my picture taken before I started losing weight.  But now, sometimes I feel like I have to, in order to prove to myself that the results are not only real, but visible.  What a trip this is for the mind, to accept that you look different than you have always looked.  It's like having a dream that you've lost a tooth, you have to check and double-check once you awake.  So, I am going to post a pic of me in my new treasure.  If I look happy, that's because I am ecstatic!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.  If not, maybe it's time to go treasure hunting!


  1. Congrats! And your arms look TINY! :)

  2. Christy, you might be my new BFF for saying that! I've always hated my arms. Thanks for the support guys. By the way, the real kicker is that the outfit only cost me $5, and it makes me feel like a million!


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