I was 172 today when I woke up.  That means I have lost 20 lbs since I began on November 29th.  Not bad for a little more than 2 months.  Today, while deciding what to wear to my potential employer for shadowing, and I tried on a pair of dress pants I bought in December.  They don't fit.  I can't even fake it, they are way too loose.  I will have to donate them without having ever worn them.  Actually, I think I may have to donate a good portion of the clothes in my closet right now.  It is all stuff I bought when I was over 200, and now most of the tops are so baggy that they are showing way too much of everything in the front.  If I were employed, I would be way more excited at this news, but right now I have $12 in my bank account and no more on the way from anywhere.  Thankfully, we will be able to have our taxes filed this weekend, and get our hands on that in a hurry.
I am still having some discomfort when breathing, not as severe as Tuesday, but a nagging, pinching kind of feel when I am exerting myself.  I have been taking it easy and getting a lot more rest, which means, no workouts until I feel better.  I am a little bummed out that I can't workout, but it would be so unwise at this point.  If I end up having to go the doctor for pneumonia, that will be our entire family who has been to the ER in the past 2 months!  I am enjoying the slight break in activity, and now that I have spent an entire day and a half resting, I realize how active I normally am.  It is a huge change from a couple months ago, when a day off would consist of spending countless hours on the couch watching TV and eating comfort foods.  A huge part of me cannot see the changes with my own eyes, because I still see the fat hanging off my stomachs (yes, plural), but the way clothes fit (even clothes that are sizes I couldn't fit into when I started this journey a year ago) and the way it feels when I run my hands over the area on my back that used to have way more fat on them, even the way it feels to be able to cross my legs, these are the ways I am noticing the changes.  I hope when I reach my goal, I will be able to realize it fully. 
I will leave you with one of my favorite photos of my husband and sons.  It was from last summer, on the City Deck in Green Bay, which is a beautiful place on the Fox River that stretches out miles of sidewalk passing beneath several bridges.  You can see the drawbridges open and close as boats of various sizes pass through, and it is surrounded by lush landscaping on both sides of the river.   The dilapidated building behind them is going to be torn down to make a magnificent childrens museum this summer!  I am looking forward to making the City Deck a place I can walk (and maybe eventually, run) in the early mornings when the weather warms up.  Hope everyone is nailing their goals for the day!  Think Spring!
                                                         I am such a lucky girl!


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